Sunday, December 28, 2014

Letter Number 73

I love this beautiful story of conversion.  We don't all have the same changes to make, but we all need to make some changes, and this story reminds us that the Lord can help us do that.  

We had an amazing skype with Jake.  He is happy and healthy and loving the Missionary Life.  I feel so blessed by this, as I know some of the missionaries struggle with depression and anxiety.

We will be excited to be reunited as a family next Christmas, but I would never give up these amazing years Jake has had in the West Indies serving his Savior.

Renaud Cimper got baptised!

Here is his story,

One night Elder Dayton I were walking on the side of a highway and it was super dark, as we went to pass this guy he turned to us and said "do you have a Book of Mormon?" shocked we started to teach him as we were walking almost to the same place where he lived.  As we talked to him we found out a really old guy who is a member happens to be his neighbor and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. This was about 5 months ago. He needed some help with his home.  We did a family home evening one night and helped him put it in order.  Little by little he has kept it cleaner and cleaner. It is still not my mother's house, but it is improving.  He smoked almost Two packs of rolled tobaco a day. Little by little we helped him smoke less and less till he was able to pay for nicotine patches, right before he paid for the patches he found a goverment system that provides them for free. During this whole time he had been going to the Church, and reading dillegently in the Book of Mormon. He went from being a guy who smoked and slept to someone with a life again in his bones, you can see the change is his whole figure. We watched over the last 5 months as the Lord healed him spiritually untill he could be baptized, There was a lot of patience and prayers and longsuffring and love unfeigned but alas he is baptized. As he  came out of the water he had the biggest smile on his face and it was so full of joy and love. He shook giddily everyones hands and told me that he was never going to do anything bad or illégal again. He said that this was a new chance that God had given him and that he was going to do eveything in his power to endure till the end.

It was incredible. Attached is a photo of the baptism, and also all the missionaires and some of the members when down to downtown Fort de France by the ocean and caroled. It was super awesome:) We all had santa hats and there was a nice cool Wind that helped us out with the heat.

As we approach Christmas, let our minds be centered on Jesus Christ who gave us all so we  could receive all he has.

let us pray, and study, and ponder on the wonderful atoning sacrifice, that his Spirit may be with us this Christmas season

I love you all dearly, thank you for your support, Merry Christmas

et Joyeux Noël

Elder Lewis

Renaud's Baptism

Caroling in Downtown Fort de France, Martinique
Christmas Skype with Jake

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Letter Number 72....!

I get to Talk to my Son this week...I am so excited about that.  Reading this letter again, reminds me of how the Gospel can change our lives.  When we live with the spirit of our Savior on a daily basis, we have direction, focus, and as Jake said, "an eye single to the Glory of God."  As I reflect on Christmas this year I have tried to remember these words.  When we live with Christ's light in our eyes we have so much peace and happiness to share with the world just as these Missionaries do.  We don't have to be on a mission to share the Spirit of Christ.  We share it by the way we live every day.

Merry Christmas

Jake and His Original District from The MTC Together again in Guadeloupe

This week was incredible! on Wednesday we were out contacting some apartment buildings trying to find this guys house that we taught in the area but out on the road, and we came across a sweet Saint Lucien family! The mother was super kind and very intelligent.  She understood clearly what the Spirit spoke to her heart and committed to a soft baptismal commitment.  Then at the end of this wonderful lesson, she offered a beautiful prayer and blessed us that the other doors in the apartment building would be opened and that their hearts would be softened.  We left the building and went to the car ( the turners are gone till the 30th and so we have their car, and also their senior couple responsibilities) and we had an impression about her prayer.  The Spirit pushed us to go back and Knock the rest of the building. The last door, a small woman opened up we introduced ourselves and presented a portion of our message, and she just waited. Her husband came down the stairs and started talking to us. He told us that he used to be a Christian but he had found to many contraditions in the Bible to believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, he was acctually studying to become a Jew, he wanted to believe but he couldn't bring himself to it. He asked us how we knew. (Great question right?) So we pulled out our handy dandy vehicle of the spirit, The Book of Mormon,  another testament of Jesus Christ, and started showing him how. He accepted a book and told us he would read it, but that he worked at the hospital and it would be difficulte to see him. we left to Zone Conference on Gwada and were greatly edified by our leaders as we talked about doctrine and all that good stuff, thennnnnn, We get back and we saw we had a missed call and a message. We listened and it was HIM! We called him back and he asked us when we could see each other. So today in the afternoon we are going over with our Branch President to see him! It was MIRACULOUS! 

 I'm pretty sure that I can't spell anything in English any more.

I know that if we bring our minds single to the glory of God that He will sanctify us and we will have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion.

I feel this, and I search for this and it has changed my life.


I love you

ELder Lewis

Jake and Elder Sims...referred to by Jake as "MY SON" because he was his Trainer. At the top of Mt. Pele'

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Letter Number 71...Elder Lewis' 2nd Christmas in the West Indies Mission

What a great story about a faithful woman overcoming her fears to strengthen herself and those around her.  I could just picture it.  I'm feeling like I'm glad this is the last year I only get to skype with my Son for Christmas...but so thrilled for his happiness and for the strengthening experiences he's having while on his mission.  He will forever be a better Man because of these two years.


Last week I wrote une noel, but it is really un noel martiniqai, I guess we are all imperfect.

This last  week was great.

The highlight was at fast Sunday.

For the last 3-5 years a really shy older sister has never been up to bare her testimony.  She is a very kind lady and her Grandson and cousin are members as of this summer thanks to her.  The Branch President gave   Elder Christensen and Me the assignment to go and help her go up and bare her testimony.  A few weeks ago we taught her the importance of testimonies.  After, we invited her with lots off persuasion to do it.  She signed a little contract we had made along with her Grandson and cousin.  Sunday came and before the meeting when I followed up on our commitment she had made,  pure terror was in her eyes.  During the meeting she looked over at me and our eyes met.  Trembling she prepared herself to get up and then got up and walked slowly to the microphone.  She spoke very softly and as she spoke the Spirit testified.  We were all filled with the love of Christ and courage.  It was an incredible moment.

I love my mission, I love these people, I love the Spirit.

Have a wonderful week

I guess I love you too

Elder Lewis

Questions From Mom:

How Is Ranaud doing?

It is planned that he will get baptized the 20th of this month! I have never felt someone be so ready! He is completely independent finding rides to Church. He quit a whole bunch of prescriptions that were doing weird things, and he hasnt smoked since the 17th! Truly a miracle! I have set the goal to baptize every month for the rest of my mission. It is so very possible.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Letter Number 70

I can't think of a better testimony to read about our Savior at Christmas time than this one shared by Elder Lewis.  We all need to change...all in different ways, but we all need the Savior's atonement in our lives.  As the Christmas season ramps up I feel a deep need to remember to keep Jesus Christ front and center in all I all I my countenance. Please pray for all our missionaries and for all those seeking the light of Christ in their lives.


Well it looks like the clasic combo are staying together for Christmas and our second New Years. Kind of crazy? YES..... but it is all good.

I have a profound love for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Over these past few months that we have been seeing Renaud, we have seen moments where we just wanted to drop him and move on, we have seen failiures and successes and ups and downs. Never the less, we left a little place for a seed too grow. Little by little Renaud has changed from someone who smoked one or two packs of rolled tobaco to someone who doesn't smoke at all, he has left drugs, and coffee. He has taken up brushing his teeth and reading the Book of Mormon. Yesterday while I sat next to the good old guy, I could see the light of Christ in his eyes, they were a reflection of an inner purity that was becoming more and more pure. Little by little,  The Atonement has taken him and given him drop by precious drop of the médicine the atoneing blood of Christ. He will be baptized in late December, it is sure.

It all starts with a place, even the very desire to change.

We say "I am willing and wanting" and Christ says "Follow me" and he takes us, by some grace he changes us and turns us into better people. He alows us to aquire the attributes of Godliness and one day has promised to make us like he and his father are. Perfect.

"Come unto Chirst and be perfected in him" I know that He has the power to do it, I have felt it and it is written on my soul.

I love you all very much,

Thank you for the prayers,

Elder Lewis

Baptism on a Beautiful Beach in Martinique

The Elder literally wore his soles out...found these in a parking lot! crazy
District Meeting

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Letter Number 69

An wonderful story of  conversion.  I was excited to see this young man find the gospel again.  It is weird to think that Elder Lewis has been out over 500 days now.  Time sure flies.  He sounds happy and content to be doing the Lord's work.


Let me tell you a story.

One time about  five or six months ago I was in Lamentin Martinique. We went to an activity with all the brothers in the Church and we had a great time. It was down by the boardwalk in Down town Fort de France. There was a certain person who was named (or we called him) Jackson. Jackson was Haitian but grew up in the Dominican Republic. It was nice talking to him and it was a pretty cool guy.  We had even heard he was an inactive member.

Then a few weeks later I was transfered to Fort de France with Elder Dayton.

Elder Dayton started to talk to me about him and at Church the clerk tried to find his reccord. there was a certian period of time where  not very many of the baptismal records were recorded in the Haiti Dominican Republic island.  We even called his old ward and no one remember who it was. He was a Ghost. Though he had pictures with missionaries on the day of his baptim. He had forgotten a lot of the doctrines of the chruch.  We were instructed by the Branch President that it would be a good thing to re-teach and re-baptize this brother.  So..... That is what we did.  Over the next four months we worked with him to get him ready, converted, and pumped for baptism.

It was a long process.  A lot of running from place to place and checking to make sure he understood and accepted the doctring.  There was a moment toward the end where he just wasnt doing enough for his own salvation, he didnt have the desire to ask others for a ride to Church and get there,  nor to read in the Book of Mormon.  What happened next was incredible.  Elder Christensen and I went over and had a talk about being independent, yet dependent.  We explained that faith was action and that with out these actions our beliefs we in vain.  He changed.

I witnessed ".. and show truly by their works that they have repented of all their sins unto receiving of the Spirit of Christ for the remission of their sins.." D&C 20:37

And it was incredible.

Let the name of our Lord be praised forever, for this path is truly the one that picks us up, changes us, forgives us, and makes us more that we ever could have been.

love you all,

Happy Thanksgiving

Elder Lewis

Baptism in Martinique

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Letter Number 68....Zone Conference.

It is customary for Jake and me to ask each other what we can pray about for one another each week...I forgot to mention anything and at  the end of his letter Jake said, "Hey Mom, if you're still on-line what can I pray about for you?"  This touched my heart deeply to know that he is aware of others...and I realized how much of our prayers should be focussed on others and petitioning the Lord on their behalf.  It woke me up a little.  The Zone conference sounds amazing, I would love to meet The Mehr's some day.  They sound like an amazing pair of leaders.


Donc, This week was awesome as Elder Christensen and I went to Trinidad!  We had some planes that were delayed and we missed them and so we missed the first night!  But it was all good because we got there about midnight! The next day the spirit was super strong as tons of Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders from all over the Southern Caribbean flooded in to the room. The Spirit was tangible. President and Sister Mehr  taught us wonderful things about how to improve as leaders and lead in the Lords way and also how we can improve as teachers. It was capped off with testimony meeting at the end of the night where all of the leaders bore their testimonies and you could just feel such a reverent humble feeling come into the room.

I know that Christ lives, He is our Savior. He did die for us and was resurrected. Through His atonement we can become more than we ever could have without him.

I love you

Elder Lewis

Striking a Yoga Pose on their Half Marathon Run Hike
Zone Conference in Trinidad

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Letter Number 67......16 Months in the Mission Field

When I think about Jake being in the Mission for 16 Months It seems like the time has gone by so quickly, however I am starting to imagine embracing my Son at the airport and I can't wait to see my best bud.  

I have missed Jake so much, but his mission has been such a motivational experience for him and all of us at home, especially me...his Mother.  Every letter teaches me something, and I have had great joy in that communication. 

Today is 16 Months....Wow!

As I was deciding on what the title of my email would be,  I figured I could put that. It is crazy how time flies,  now that two- thirds of my mission is over and I have so much I need to do. Like go to trinidad? 

This week me and Elder Christensen are off to Trinidad to join up with all the Zone leaders and be completely edified. Let me just say this, I love being edified, it fills me with joy and with the Spirit and enlarges the soul. I am super excited to leave tomorrow. 

Last week, was crazy, we rushed with the Turners to do everything that we needed to do with them before they left us again. We signed a contract on an appartment, and moved the elders into a beautiful new apartment.  It was a good couple of days I do have to say. 

We also had a good chance to meet with Gerson and we had a lot of stuff to do with him so we changed his date to the 22nd. He is doing well, and has "show by his works", that he has received of the Spirit of Christ for the remission of sins"(D&C 20:7) I love watching people change it makes me really happy.

I had a wonderful Sunday.  I love waking up and consecrating my thoughts towards the savior, It brings such a wonderful joy. The hour of sacrament meeting truely can become a time of reconciliation with God and relief for the soul.

We had a sweet p-day

This morning we woke up early and from one side me and Elder Bodily ran, and from the other side Elder Chirstensen, Sims, Pape, and Glover ran. 

The hike is called  Grande Rivière à Prêcheur and it is 20 km long. We did it in 3hours 20 minutes. almost a half marathon. We will round up and say it was. super awesome, incredibly beautiful. also I have not run in a long time. enough said. You should look it up on google if posible. 

I love you all,

Elder Lewis

Also I almost got bit by a tarantula looking spider.  I'll send a picture next week.

The Rain Fall in the West Indies....about like our Snow Fall this Week.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Letter Number 66..........Moving Day Looks Hot!

A Paradigm shift for the Zone sounds amazing....! I was thinking today that's what I need..ha ha.  Don't we all get stuck in a rut and want things to change, but we are not ready or willing to change?  I am inspired to shift. what are you willing to look at differently that could promote change in your life? 

To see these Elders moving together is a great life lesson.  All of us have been in the position of moving and hoping people will come and help us, or perhaps we have been the ones to help...a lesson learned on the mission to step in where needed is a great one.


Donc, this week was incredible! lots of great things happend! Idont have any time to tell you about them!

in our zone we have finally had a paradigm shift!  We are working with members and being humble.

I  learned how to change an alternator. I learned how to get quotes on cars,  I learned how to throw a spiral with a football.

A share from my Birthday letter:
Disobedience is a day to day thing, it is the small things that make you lose your power.  What was Christ exhaulted before this life? Perfect obedience, obediece is equal to power, I am a strong believer of D&C 121 34-46 I have them memorized and they are written on my heart.  I wish I could truely explain to someone what the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost felt like. There are just not the words.  He comes to write on your soul the things of god. I remember very clearly the times when disobedience or pride stripped me of his presence. That is godly sorrow. You look at the Goodness of God and you mourn, and he changes you,  forgives you and "comforts you"  I love the beatitudes.  I didnt realize before they had so much doctrine contained in them. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is repentance, it is Grace,  it is the way to become even as God.

I learned the D&C: 121: 36

I love you all,

Elder lewis
Hot and Humid
Hmmm. how do we fit this in?

Jake..."I'm sure missing my swimming muscles!"

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Letter Number 65

Today is my Birthday and I received an awesome hand written letter from Jake.  He sounds amazing.   When I read his letters, even short letters, I realize that obedience brings happiness.  The light in the eyes of these obedient missionaries is remarkable.  I am thankful for their example and willingness to  

This week was crazy.

Elder Dayton left.  Elder Christensen came.  We got over our awkwardness and we are back to old times,  getting santified,  being obedient,  paying electric bills.... oh wait..... that is new!

These last five days have been a blur.

Elder Christensen and I are back to the good old days, but with more responsibillities this time. We are working hard and have two baptismal dates for  Renaud  and Gerson for the 15th of November. they are ready,  and I believe they will make it.

The Book of Mormon will change your life.

Read it,  Meditate,  Pray,

Love you,

Elder Lewis

In Jake's Words..."Me and Elder Dayton "Great Friends."  Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton saying goodbye at eh Martinique airport.  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Letter Number 64......The Farewell to a Great Companion and Friend...and the Return of an Old Friend and Companion.

I really didn't know a missionary could ever get the same companion twice, but how interesting and great for Jake.  He loves Elder Christensen. 

I imagine it was a pretty hard goodbye for Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton, however, I believe they have forged a friendship that will last a lifetime.  Who knows, maybe they will have the opportunity to Preach the Gospel together again before the end of the mission. Elder Dayton is a great Missionary.

Well I got rid of another companion!!!! I love elder Dayton a ton, we have made an incredible amount of progress together!

......and I got an old companion back! ELDER CHRISTENSEN is back in the house ladies and gentlemen!

I bet you wernt expecting that, were ya?

Pretty much today I am not really in a write mood but i will do my best to scribble a few words down!

Our first week being the senior couple here in Martinique was pretty good if I do say so myself!  We had a car break down on the first day, and an imbalance in petty cash.  I do love the words of President Gordon B. Hinkley when he said that "things will all work out" and thus it was.  As we worked to be as dilligent and effective as possible,  the Grace of our Savoir strengthened us and we had a wonderful week.  We saw our progressing investigator Renaud who now has a baptismal date for the 15th of november.  He has made so many changes and we see little the spirt of Christ for the remission of his sins.  D&C20:37.  The Change was not all at once but over time he has started coming to Church and reading the Book of Mormon and he now keeps his house clean and is doing his best to stop smoking.  It is hard for him but I believe that he will make it.

The Book of Mormon is the most powerful testimony of Jesus Christ.  Of this I am sure, there is no questioning from who the feelings come when I read it.  I have seen it change my life and It still does today.  I just finished it for the 8th time, and will promptly start anew.  There is never too many, only the need for more.

I love you

Elder Lewis

Sister Hussun and Elder Lewis

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Letter Number 63.....and a priceless candid picture!

I love weeks when I am exhausted due to an extreme amount of great things happening, Elder Lewis seems to be in this place as he writes his Monday letter.  I would rather have him writing of exhaustion than boredom, so we are in a good place I believe.

I was deeply touched to receive an email with a photo his Mission Mom was able to capture quite by coincidence in Martinique.  Sister Turner and her husband Brother Turner came around the corner in the city and there were Elder Lewis (Jake) and his Companion Elder Dayton praying with an investigator.  

Seeing this picture was like viewing Jake like a fly on the wall.  A perfect insight to his mission and to all the Missions around the world.  How apart from the world they are...just going about their Father in Heaven's business.  How blessed their lives will always be because they learned to put the Lord and others before themselves for two years.  

Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton Praying in Martinique with an Investigator
You know you have had a wonderful week when you are so tired you don't even know what you are going to write about. 

President and Sister Mehr came and did a training and interviews with missionaires and members. It was a great three days to have them on the island and to feel of their good spirits; I love speaking with powerful people in the gospel, there is almost an eminence comming from them that you just cant help but feel. 

In other news Renaud is doing well, he received a Priesthood blessing this last week and he is doing very well in progressing towards baptism. He is trying his hardest to quit smoking and I think with his new found love for the Book of Mormon he will make it. We found him because of member work.  We were walking on the side of a freeway over in an industrial zone towards a member house late at night. as we passed this man who had his head down he looked over and asked us if he could have a book of mormon.  It was great! 

He is doing well

I am doing well

I am also tired,

I love you all

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom:
How Many Youth attend church in your area of Martinique?
Reply: we have 6-8 Youth from the ages of 4-18

What Can I pray for this week in your mission?
I am in the middle of fasting from habits and thoughts and things that the Spirit revealed to me are keeping the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost away. It is hard. We are so vain and prideful. It is a 40 day fast and I am on about day 25 please pray that I may succeed and become more sanctified in the spirit so I may have the power to open the hearts of the people. 

Jake shared this quote with me, and I love it.

C.S. Lewis said,  "We cant have dominion over others till we have dominion over ourselves." 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Letter 62

How fun to see how people in the West Indies watch conference...doesn't look as comfy as our nice homes we lounge in.  I remember the long hours of watching conference in the diligent the Saints around the world are.  I miss my Son today, but I re-read his personal letter to me, and he is so dedicated and amazing it makes the separation bearable.  He loves the Savior so much it touches me.

The Saints Watching Conference in Martinique
What an ocasion we have all had to listen to the prophets of God speak to us this last weekend. I found it to be 10 hours of the most edifying time ever. There was no where else i would have rather been at that moment. There is a special spirit that fills our soul with a resolution to do better, to rise above and to Share all this joy that we have.

I was also honored to receive a long email from Elder Tolman, my dad (trainer) and my brother.  He reminded me of many sacred experiences that we had together. and that our missions are short,  we need to be valliant every second of every day we can not procrastanate the day of our repentance.  This is our 15 seconds of our four minute life in the eternity's. But as Elder Zivic told me, " you have prepared for eons, do not waste that preparation".

I mostly feel like talking to my family, so I am just going to finish in saying that i love you

I love you

Elder Lewis

Thank you for your prayers, I feel them.
Sunset Baptism...Beautiful
Not of Jake, but I had to share.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Letter Number 61

This letter was my favorite letter of every letter Jake has ever written.  His Testimony of the Savior is beautiful.  His expression of love for his Dad and me made me quite emotional. Family is everything....being reunited with Jake will be amazing, but the growth of our Son has been so fulfilling.  I am grateful for  his mission and for his Testimony of Christ.

Allo, Bonjour, ce sont les missionnaires,

One could say that I had a long week,
One could also say I had a Great week!

This week  Elder Dayton and I enjoyed the Gift of the Holy Ghost and extreame unity in our companionship.  We had a ton of things to do every second of the day but I think we survived. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Bodily my last companion and we had a great time together, we were already unified and we have both learned a lot since our time together.  We taught a lady named Cazaubon who is completely ready for baptism, there is just some secret thing holding her back, we had an incredibly powerful lesson with the turners and her. (The Turners are the senior couple).  We spoke about the standerd of baptism as contained in D&C20:37 and we felt as if the words were just simply placed in our mouths,  it was a wonderful experiance.  Elder Turner said "it is not that when we have Christ that our problems go away, but together with Christ we work through our problems".  It was a wonderful evening. we also taught a younger guy named John Daniel, who has known the missionaires for quite a long time now. He just hadnt reconized the answers to his prayers. he told us that everytime that he speaks with us he feels the presence of God. He said it is like a shock into his soul, after he said it I had the impression to turn to him and bear solem testimony of the sacred nature of our calling, that we have been called of God and have authority to act in his name.  Later on in the week he told us that he was afraid to get baptised because he dosn't know what everone will think, or how he will adjust to it. He knows that he must act, and he said that going to Church is not enough, that he wants this connection to God that we have, we spoke of Fear in opposition to faith. it was a very spirituel  lesson. Another lady Christianne, we taught her husband the restoration outside their house a few weeks ago and gave him a book of mormon. He left it in the house and his wife picked it up and read 127 pages. we came over and he husband said "I didnt read,  but my wife says she has been very enlightened from this book"

miracles. faith. forgiveness. mercy. authority. power.

We visited a member in the hospital that has a virus that may paralyze her.  As she cried with us and the Turners, I couldnt help thining of my dad.  I remembered and shared the story of the day after his surgery,  when the two physical theripists came in to get him up to walk. I remember vividly the powerlessness I had to help him, I remember the suffering of him being so dear to me. I remember his tears. I thought of the Savior and how much I love him.  How even someone so very close to me would take upon him that extreme pain, to be pressed by the weight of all of the sins of humanity,  even to the point that the precious drops of atoning blood were spilt. This was nothing short of an infinite atonement.  I am so thankful for that suffering, and I hope to do everything to return to him so that his suffering may not be in vain.

At a certain moment I also thought of my mother.  I was walking up a hill after a peticularly long day, it had been a day full of stress and the hill and hot sun were not making it any better. I thought of that ultimate moment when I will walk through those doors at the airport and see my wonderful mother and smile and run and pick her up and hug her and tell her I love her over and over again.  As I thought of this desire, I thought of one who is waiting and wanting me to come back even more than my mother.  I thought of walking to the gates of heaven and seeing the Savior stand there with arms wide open waiting to receive us all. how much he wants us to come back,  to acept his salvation we can not understand.

He loves us so very much.

I am thankful to have such great parents who resemble him and are such great examples of faith for me,

Love you all

Elder Lewis

Shipment of Books of Mormon! The Martinique Missionaries ready to Spread the Light.