Sunday, December 21, 2014

Letter Number 72....!

I get to Talk to my Son this week...I am so excited about that.  Reading this letter again, reminds me of how the Gospel can change our lives.  When we live with the spirit of our Savior on a daily basis, we have direction, focus, and as Jake said, "an eye single to the Glory of God."  As I reflect on Christmas this year I have tried to remember these words.  When we live with Christ's light in our eyes we have so much peace and happiness to share with the world just as these Missionaries do.  We don't have to be on a mission to share the Spirit of Christ.  We share it by the way we live every day.

Merry Christmas

Jake and His Original District from The MTC Together again in Guadeloupe

This week was incredible! on Wednesday we were out contacting some apartment buildings trying to find this guys house that we taught in the area but out on the road, and we came across a sweet Saint Lucien family! The mother was super kind and very intelligent.  She understood clearly what the Spirit spoke to her heart and committed to a soft baptismal commitment.  Then at the end of this wonderful lesson, she offered a beautiful prayer and blessed us that the other doors in the apartment building would be opened and that their hearts would be softened.  We left the building and went to the car ( the turners are gone till the 30th and so we have their car, and also their senior couple responsibilities) and we had an impression about her prayer.  The Spirit pushed us to go back and Knock the rest of the building. The last door, a small woman opened up we introduced ourselves and presented a portion of our message, and she just waited. Her husband came down the stairs and started talking to us. He told us that he used to be a Christian but he had found to many contraditions in the Bible to believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, he was acctually studying to become a Jew, he wanted to believe but he couldn't bring himself to it. He asked us how we knew. (Great question right?) So we pulled out our handy dandy vehicle of the spirit, The Book of Mormon,  another testament of Jesus Christ, and started showing him how. He accepted a book and told us he would read it, but that he worked at the hospital and it would be difficulte to see him. we left to Zone Conference on Gwada and were greatly edified by our leaders as we talked about doctrine and all that good stuff, thennnnnn, We get back and we saw we had a missed call and a message. We listened and it was HIM! We called him back and he asked us when we could see each other. So today in the afternoon we are going over with our Branch President to see him! It was MIRACULOUS! 

 I'm pretty sure that I can't spell anything in English any more.

I know that if we bring our minds single to the glory of God that He will sanctify us and we will have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion.

I feel this, and I search for this and it has changed my life.


I love you

ELder Lewis

Jake and Elder Sims...referred to by Jake as "MY SON" because he was his Trainer. At the top of Mt. Pele'

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