Thursday, March 27, 2014

Letter Number 34 and a new leadership opportunity and great pictures!

I just sent Jake his Birthday box today.  So much gratitude for all of the Family and friends who sent me video clips for his special Birthday Movie.  So much gratitude for Isabelle who put the movie together...In her message to her brother she expressed that because of his example she definitely plans on serving a mission.  I hope he realizes how much his example has meant to all of us at home.  Every day I try to be a little better than the one before...a lot of repenting, but I am always trying to improve.

Well,  i'm staying here, pretty excited, but lots of things are changing. On the 13th we hopĂȘ to open up the new group in Basse Terre and that will be great, but also this transfer I will be training.. his name is elder S, I have no information on him but I hope it will be good. Enough of this hope word, it is going to be good! Also I was called to be the District Leader of the Capes Terre  Branch Missionaries, there are six of us, the Sisters in Guayave, Elders in Capesterre, and us in Basse Terre.

In other news we met some new inactive members and have been working with the young to help them get to institute and seminary. 

umm, i acctually dont have much time today... soo yeah.

Elder T is going home today. We are going to celebrate with him and send him off really early in the morning. It is pretty weird and sad for me and elder C are both really good friends of him so it is really werid from us.

In other news, French is great, Creole is great, Basseterre is beautiful, and... that is about it

Love it here
Love you,

Elder Lewis

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Letter 33........Wow Time is Flying!

For those that don't know Jake that well, he is a pretty big fan of food.  He loves to cook and is really quite good at cooking....but adding a little heat to his dishes is his specialty.  The one thing I don't have to worry about is if he is getting good nutritional food.  I think we are good on that point.  I am so excited for the Saints in Basse Terre, what an exciting event to open a group in your own community.  


Surprisingly that works.

French is weird.

The work is great, things are progressing just fine! We have been working more and more with members and we are starting to see the results.  We finnally got a local Church group here in Basse Terre! It starts the 13th of April. I am super excited, we have started doing some of the work inside to help renovate it for the group and future branch and that is going great. These people really deserve this group, you can see it in the way they work together all of the sacrafices they have made while the church has been in Capesterre for the last 4 years. but it is back, and ready to rumble!! 

I ate Swordfish the other day, fantastic if i do say so myself, also they have this Pumpkin dish that is super good, also augratin bread fruit can either be delish or really bland. I had two this last week that were fantastic! 

They have this stuff here called piment, it is bassically a Habenero Pepper that is full of super heat.

People eat it like it is nothing, lots of sauces  can be made; definately a fan:)

Je vous aime tous,

Elder Lewis

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Letter Number 32

I was really inspired and love the reminder to memorize scripture and how they will bless our lives and teach us what the Lord is trying to tell us.

I am proud of the boys and the hard work they are doing for the new building.  I pray it will all work out for them and the ward they are trying to take care of.

Soooo, it is just a wonderful life down here in Basse Terre, also WE GOT THE LOCAL BUILDING FOR THE BASSE TERRES THE CHRUCH IS COMING HERE! For the people there this is some pretty great news if you are askin me, we are going to try to do some quick construction and move into it this week if possible, buttttt who knows! It is just super great! I'm pretty sure I'm staying here but there is only two weeks left in the transfer, weirdddddd.  Today is my 8 month mark, it is starting to feel like it has been a long time since I left, it has felt like one reaaaaally long summer.

We found some great families this week, always exciting, working to find more. 

Just a little thought, I have been thinking a lot about D&C 84: 85 talking about treasuring up the words of life. I love that. Memorize a little scripture, ponder it, think it out and receive revelation. That is the way that we receive revelation, in pondering, praying, applying. I love it, the scriptures are like a best friend you can always go to for the best advice. 

Love you all, hope you are all doing well:)

Elder Lewis

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Letter number 31

An exciting adventure on P-day.  These missionaries are so cute and obedient, I was excited to see them get a reward.


Sending greetings from the ever beautiful Gwada. I really do love it here, pretty sure we have the best mission ever here in the West Indies.  This last week we did a lot of less active work working and fasting with them, helping involve them in the missionary work here. I have found that in volving them in the missionary work is one of the most effective ways to truely have them come back and refind their conversions.  All in all it was a great week, we found this guy named R

The Breakfast of Champions....chocolate bread!
who said he would be very curious and want to know more if we said we had a new prophet. so he is curious and wants to know more. also after fasting with one of our strongest members here in basse terre we felt prom^ted to ask hime if he new the guy. turns out they have been best friends since birth and are bassically attachted at the hip; i love fasting miricles! also, things are really starting to move here in basse terre, i hope i stay here for a long time, we are about at the half way point for the transfer so we will see. last week i hit my six months in the feild point and in a week i hit my 8th month mark. time flys when you are in the service of the Lord, i wish it would slow down a little bit. or alot abit. 

I love you all and hope you are all doing well.

Elder Lewis

The missionaries back porch!
Jake's companion and their favorite snack!

Letter Number 30...First Baptism and Mom's rights about cleaning....ha ha.

What an amazing email.  I was so excited to hear about the baptism.  It was also very rewarding to hear Jake actually say how grateful that Jake now sees the benefit to my household cleaning tips....ha ha, mom is always right. love it.  

Bonjour from Gwada,

This week was totally sweet!  There was lots of great things that happened so i am going to try to touch them all. First off I had my first baptism of a lady who lives in Bouillant,  the farthest reach of my area, she was a member referral from the afoy family who lives in my old area. 

I loved seeing the change she has made over the last few weeks. It was quite fantastic to think that she would be making the greatest decision of her life.

She was super nervous the whole week before, but the interviews went well and she was well prepared.

Also, I dont think i have ever been as giddy as i was that day, just super happy and smiling the whole day long:):):)

Then, sunday, we went over to the abidos familys house. super poor. but at the same time the government helps the poor in crazy ways. it is almost imposible to live on the streets here the government will give you that much money. i found out i could get 600 euros a month maximum and i am not even a citizen. crazy. anyways we were over there with the frere duflo and after we asked if there was anything we could do. 

"bad idea."

She said "I guess you could do a little dishes." and I said lets go!! So we sarted, at first it wasn't so bad, the three of us in a tub of water washing and then rinsing with a kid who was helping putting them away. After about 20 minutes of speed dishes, we started realizing that these dishes just kept on coming.... we looked under the two stainless steel sinks to our horror to see that she had put a board there, behind the board was probably 3 weeks of filthy dishes... not even bugs were on them that is how gross this was. She had continuously bought more and more dishes to keep from doing them. it took us an hour and twenty minutes to do them all going as fast as we could.   Never have I been more thankful for the mother that I have who taught her kids to never leave dishes undone in the sink or for that matter filth aroung the house! it was absolutly nasty. but afterwords everything about here kitchen was clean, the house was still dirty but at least a large portion of filth was cleared.

The next day, yesterday, p-day, was awesome. there is a chain of islands called les saints off the coast of my area. The zone leaders got permission to take a boat there and go for all day.


I will not lie, it was the most touristy thing ever, but so relaxing and i had the time of my life. we went to a fort and the beach played football and frisbee. going there and back we stood up in the front open part of the boat and let water hit our faces as we went up and doWn on teh waves. It was totally epic.

All in all,

This week was awesomoe, a baptism!!!! lots of dishes, and taking a boat to Les Saints

I hope you week is wonderful as well,

Elder Lewis