Sunday, October 26, 2014

Letter Number 64......The Farewell to a Great Companion and Friend...and the Return of an Old Friend and Companion.

I really didn't know a missionary could ever get the same companion twice, but how interesting and great for Jake.  He loves Elder Christensen. 

I imagine it was a pretty hard goodbye for Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton, however, I believe they have forged a friendship that will last a lifetime.  Who knows, maybe they will have the opportunity to Preach the Gospel together again before the end of the mission. Elder Dayton is a great Missionary.

Well I got rid of another companion!!!! I love elder Dayton a ton, we have made an incredible amount of progress together!

......and I got an old companion back! ELDER CHRISTENSEN is back in the house ladies and gentlemen!

I bet you wernt expecting that, were ya?

Pretty much today I am not really in a write mood but i will do my best to scribble a few words down!

Our first week being the senior couple here in Martinique was pretty good if I do say so myself!  We had a car break down on the first day, and an imbalance in petty cash.  I do love the words of President Gordon B. Hinkley when he said that "things will all work out" and thus it was.  As we worked to be as dilligent and effective as possible,  the Grace of our Savoir strengthened us and we had a wonderful week.  We saw our progressing investigator Renaud who now has a baptismal date for the 15th of november.  He has made so many changes and we see little the spirt of Christ for the remission of his sins.  D&C20:37.  The Change was not all at once but over time he has started coming to Church and reading the Book of Mormon and he now keeps his house clean and is doing his best to stop smoking.  It is hard for him but I believe that he will make it.

The Book of Mormon is the most powerful testimony of Jesus Christ.  Of this I am sure, there is no questioning from who the feelings come when I read it.  I have seen it change my life and It still does today.  I just finished it for the 8th time, and will promptly start anew.  There is never too many, only the need for more.

I love you

Elder Lewis

Sister Hussun and Elder Lewis

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