Sunday, December 7, 2014

Letter Number 70

I can't think of a better testimony to read about our Savior at Christmas time than this one shared by Elder Lewis.  We all need to change...all in different ways, but we all need the Savior's atonement in our lives.  As the Christmas season ramps up I feel a deep need to remember to keep Jesus Christ front and center in all I all I my countenance. Please pray for all our missionaries and for all those seeking the light of Christ in their lives.


Well it looks like the clasic combo are staying together for Christmas and our second New Years. Kind of crazy? YES..... but it is all good.

I have a profound love for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Over these past few months that we have been seeing Renaud, we have seen moments where we just wanted to drop him and move on, we have seen failiures and successes and ups and downs. Never the less, we left a little place for a seed too grow. Little by little Renaud has changed from someone who smoked one or two packs of rolled tobaco to someone who doesn't smoke at all, he has left drugs, and coffee. He has taken up brushing his teeth and reading the Book of Mormon. Yesterday while I sat next to the good old guy, I could see the light of Christ in his eyes, they were a reflection of an inner purity that was becoming more and more pure. Little by little,  The Atonement has taken him and given him drop by precious drop of the médicine the atoneing blood of Christ. He will be baptized in late December, it is sure.

It all starts with a place, even the very desire to change.

We say "I am willing and wanting" and Christ says "Follow me" and he takes us, by some grace he changes us and turns us into better people. He alows us to aquire the attributes of Godliness and one day has promised to make us like he and his father are. Perfect.

"Come unto Chirst and be perfected in him" I know that He has the power to do it, I have felt it and it is written on my soul.

I love you all very much,

Thank you for the prayers,

Elder Lewis

Baptism on a Beautiful Beach in Martinique

The Elder literally wore his soles out...found these in a parking lot! crazy
District Meeting

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