Sunday, November 23, 2014

Letter Number 68....Zone Conference.

It is customary for Jake and me to ask each other what we can pray about for one another each week...I forgot to mention anything and at  the end of his letter Jake said, "Hey Mom, if you're still on-line what can I pray about for you?"  This touched my heart deeply to know that he is aware of others...and I realized how much of our prayers should be focussed on others and petitioning the Lord on their behalf.  It woke me up a little.  The Zone conference sounds amazing, I would love to meet The Mehr's some day.  They sound like an amazing pair of leaders.


Donc, This week was awesome as Elder Christensen and I went to Trinidad!  We had some planes that were delayed and we missed them and so we missed the first night!  But it was all good because we got there about midnight! The next day the spirit was super strong as tons of Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders from all over the Southern Caribbean flooded in to the room. The Spirit was tangible. President and Sister Mehr  taught us wonderful things about how to improve as leaders and lead in the Lords way and also how we can improve as teachers. It was capped off with testimony meeting at the end of the night where all of the leaders bore their testimonies and you could just feel such a reverent humble feeling come into the room.

I know that Christ lives, He is our Savior. He did die for us and was resurrected. Through His atonement we can become more than we ever could have without him.

I love you

Elder Lewis

Striking a Yoga Pose on their Half Marathon Run Hike
Zone Conference in Trinidad

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