Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Letter number 26

Wow! So happy to have my Son escape injury this week!  

So this week, was pretty great,

Lots of great things happened this week which i cant bring my self to remember, but a cool miracle we had was this week. we were driving and we came to a three way intersection. we needed to turn left, but there was a big sign blocking our sight and a blind corner. as we went to go elder christensen started left then jerked right saying "hey we'll go see tanya" immediately after two cars came around the corner and wizzed by us. We would have been t -boned pretty badly, and the results wouldnt have been good for me, but we definitely saw the hand of the Lord watching over us as we soon relised that Tanya wouldn't be home and we turned around to go to our other appointment. in the moment it seemed like almost nothing,a stray thought, or quick refelex, but anyone who really looks will see that we are protected by the Lord everyday, and that there are miricles all around us.

It was a very powerful week, we set lots of goals to do even better as we are looking forward to a new group here in basse terre itself and haveing baptisms to help strengthen this area. 

I dont think that i have every been this happy in all of my life, it is an honor to be out here and to do this work.

Zone conference is this week. pumped. 


Elder Lewis

Friday, January 17, 2014

Letter number 25.....Jake has a new area and companion!

Jake has been transferred and has a new wonderful companion.  He has enjoyed all of his companions and has learned so much about life, the Lord, and how to improve himself.  As his Mother hearing him say he is happier than ever in his life makes me so excited for him.  I am reminded that service brings happiness.


Life here in Basse Terre is the best, kind of secluded, in fact very secluded,and the most beautiful area there is. I'm convinced that everything is a plant. 

We just got approval from the 70 that we are going to have a group here in Basseterre.  There used to be a branch but it fell away. 
Ps  who live 30 min away from Basseterre can now come. also the missionaries here in the capesterre branch 
had the sweetest day of missionary spirit ever. That is going to reactivate and help the work here so much in Basseterre.  There is many inactives(over60) who are excited for the new group and some of the people who live very far away willl be able to come too, for example the (blank family)

Lots of great things happened this week. Not really sure what to write or say about them, but we have found that we need to find more families to strengthen the already existing families here in Basseterre. So we have been avoiding apartments because that is mostly all single mothers who are running off government money, to neighborhoods with actually houses and cars and things like that. So far, we have actually found a couple who are interested, and we are also trying calling super old investigators who came to church, we had some great success there. 

Also this last week we had some very powerful lessons, one of our investigators we found out had a problem with the law of chastity, actually more like two or all of them. but we found as we focused on showing forth real love for these people expressing how great the blessings are and testifying of the joy coming from repentance has really worked.  Elder C and I are really working hard to have more charity for some of these people who it seems are super hard in the head. had some great member refferals come to church on Sunday and we had a very good start to a seemingly strong investigator. 

I'm so happy it is not even funny. 

I love you all dearly, keep the comandments,

Elder Lewis

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Letter number 24

Letter number 24.........
The best Christmas ever to skype with Jake.  He sounds and looks amazing.  He seem utterly content and very happy to be serving the Lord at this time.  I can see the pure love of Christ in his eyes.  I am so happy to be the Mother to this wonderful Son.  He's a great person.

And a happy new year!

So, being Christmas this week, it was a pretty awesome week. The week started off kind of like normal, a little weird because p-day was on tuesday, But Chirstmas eve was fun, had a really good time all day eating and just chillin'. 

Then the next day we woke up rediculously early, opened things from family and each other, and then went to Point De Chateaux, the farthest most Eastern point on Guadeloupe, which extends far out into the ocean with super jagged rocks. It was too cloudy to see the sunrise but it was still good! 

Christmas we had a couple back to back dinner appointments... it was alot of food... people here feed you like nobodies business,  and it is all super good food to. We had a super French 5 course meal in the night time, very nice, very nice!

But the rest of the week turned out to be pretty normal, we were trying this new way of teaching very simple doctrines and then asking inspired questions to help the investigators teach themselves twards baptism. we found lots of succses. it was quite incredible to watch the way that people guided themselves to baptism. It happened super powerfully in several lessons, many commited to be baptised and also one committed to a date. 

Sunday night we had a sweet miracle. The whole week we had had 8 very well set up appoinments for member lessons, and at the last second the all fell through one by one. We told oursleves, we can't go a week without at least one member lesson, that is rediculous! So we pondered as to who we could go see for the night to make it a member lesson, talked with a few members, set up some appointments for the week but still none for that night. After a while we prayed and decided to walk our way across town to a members house to share a message with them. On our way, we were walking through this big square  and we heard clapping and someone yelling at us. Turns out the family we were about to go see was sitting in the square, and the mom had one of her friends with her. we started a good convesation that soon became a lesson, and a baptismal date. 

Love you all, and hope you have a wonderful new year! 

Elder Lewis
Jake and Elder T after opening Jake's Christmas box!!! Pretty Cute Santas

Guadeloupe is known for it's beautiful waterfalls

Point De Chateaux

Where's Jake....look hard! What a way to spend Christmas Eve Morning

Friday, January 3, 2014

letter number 23

Letter number 23
A wonderful gift of a letter to receive right before Christmas.  Our lives should be gifts of charity, everything we do should be a testament to our beliefs.

This week was a great week.  Actually Elder T was pretty sick for most of it. We used it as an oppertunity to go out and get tons of suff done that we needed to do for the zone. Bills to be paid, poorly written checks, broken phones, and immigration! Immigration was good because me and three others got out vinets to make us legal! I'm now legal for one year! Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me. The miricle this week was even though we had alot of time that was taken away from prosyliting time and were always busy through it all! but, some how, the Lord blessed us and gave us eight very good member lessons, and a few others. Did an exchange Tuesday with Elder B and we walked with our member into down town and saw some of our investigators and helped them with good member support. 

BUT, that all is not the best part of this week. 

The best part is that on Friday we had the chance to teach with Elder G( he lives here,  he's an area  70 for the Caribbean, and was the old mission pres here)  two of our investigators. It was amazing. We walked into the home of one and she was closed to the gosple before but as he began to speak the love became almost tangible in the air. It was incredible, the way that elder gamiette spoke wasnt too different, but the charity he had for our investigator was incredible. me and elder  T were getting almost on the verge of tears, it was very powerful. and then we walked down the street and met this guy who we had met four months earlier. We began to talk. This man has been prepared for a very long time. When we started to talk about the Book of Mormon he asked us "what tribe does this book come from?"all of our jaws dropped when he said that. we explained about the two sticks and at the end he said pointing to the bible "stick of juda" then pointing to the book of mormon "stick of joseph". He said he must read this book. he knows the Bible very well and was super receptive. Young guy, married to an american, rather weathy, desire to learn more, and next branch president? only time will tell:)

I'm not sure what the future has in hold, but this is probably the happiest I have ever been in all of my life.  Yet, there is so much to improve on, we all fall so short of the line. What a great time of year to make new goals to become More Christ- like, choose an attribute and work on it, and to remember that we have the atonement of Jesus Christ to help us and make it possible. For me it is Charity, the pure love of Christ, 
I strive to have that in my life, so that others can feel that, and come into the true fold of Christ and start their journey twards salvation. I know that Christ lives, that he loves us, that through him we can become like our Father in Heaven. 

I love you all,
Elder Lewis

Letter number 22

Letter number 22

Exchanges seem to make Jake quite happy, I believe it's the variation that he likes and these days are probably good for both companions.  


This week we had bassically one giant exchange.  Elder T left for a conference for zone leaders in Trinidad and Iwas left alone with the Gosier Eders elder Pratt and Petersen, who are super good friends. We had a great week doing missionary work on the whole island of Grand Terre (there is basse terre and GrandeTerre I live on Grand Terre and the two are connected by bridges!)

This was like a week long exchange! It was kind of cool. I was with elder P and P inGosier, which made my prosiliting area the whole island of Grand Terre. it was a really good week, we did not have very many opportunities to work in my area, but the Lord blessed us in the end and we had some good numbers for member lessons and our investigators are doing good.

I also had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder C on saturday and that was pretty great too. We had a good moment to go and see some investigators and even go find some new ones. 

We are really excited for this next week here in Morne a Leau and we are ready to try out all of the things that Elder T learned at this last conference. it will be a good week i believe:)

We also we went up to this huge water fall  called Moreau Chute! It was sweet we  had to cross the river and mud pitts!  I got some good usage out of my keens:D

Also my mom sent me the 12 days of Chistmas and it is day 3!! crazy awesome!! 

Love you all! 

Elder Lewis