Sunday, November 2, 2014

Letter Number 65

Today is my Birthday and I received an awesome hand written letter from Jake.  He sounds amazing.   When I read his letters, even short letters, I realize that obedience brings happiness.  The light in the eyes of these obedient missionaries is remarkable.  I am thankful for their example and willingness to  

This week was crazy.

Elder Dayton left.  Elder Christensen came.  We got over our awkwardness and we are back to old times,  getting santified,  being obedient,  paying electric bills.... oh wait..... that is new!

These last five days have been a blur.

Elder Christensen and I are back to the good old days, but with more responsibillities this time. We are working hard and have two baptismal dates for  Renaud  and Gerson for the 15th of November. they are ready,  and I believe they will make it.

The Book of Mormon will change your life.

Read it,  Meditate,  Pray,

Love you,

Elder Lewis

In Jake's Words..."Me and Elder Dayton "Great Friends."  Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton saying goodbye at eh Martinique airport.  

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