Sunday, November 30, 2014

Letter Number 69

An wonderful story of  conversion.  I was excited to see this young man find the gospel again.  It is weird to think that Elder Lewis has been out over 500 days now.  Time sure flies.  He sounds happy and content to be doing the Lord's work.


Let me tell you a story.

One time about  five or six months ago I was in Lamentin Martinique. We went to an activity with all the brothers in the Church and we had a great time. It was down by the boardwalk in Down town Fort de France. There was a certain person who was named (or we called him) Jackson. Jackson was Haitian but grew up in the Dominican Republic. It was nice talking to him and it was a pretty cool guy.  We had even heard he was an inactive member.

Then a few weeks later I was transfered to Fort de France with Elder Dayton.

Elder Dayton started to talk to me about him and at Church the clerk tried to find his reccord. there was a certian period of time where  not very many of the baptismal records were recorded in the Haiti Dominican Republic island.  We even called his old ward and no one remember who it was. He was a Ghost. Though he had pictures with missionaries on the day of his baptim. He had forgotten a lot of the doctrines of the chruch.  We were instructed by the Branch President that it would be a good thing to re-teach and re-baptize this brother.  So..... That is what we did.  Over the next four months we worked with him to get him ready, converted, and pumped for baptism.

It was a long process.  A lot of running from place to place and checking to make sure he understood and accepted the doctring.  There was a moment toward the end where he just wasnt doing enough for his own salvation, he didnt have the desire to ask others for a ride to Church and get there,  nor to read in the Book of Mormon.  What happened next was incredible.  Elder Christensen and I went over and had a talk about being independent, yet dependent.  We explained that faith was action and that with out these actions our beliefs we in vain.  He changed.

I witnessed ".. and show truly by their works that they have repented of all their sins unto receiving of the Spirit of Christ for the remission of their sins.." D&C 20:37

And it was incredible.

Let the name of our Lord be praised forever, for this path is truly the one that picks us up, changes us, forgives us, and makes us more that we ever could have been.

love you all,

Happy Thanksgiving

Elder Lewis

Baptism in Martinique

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Letter Number 68....Zone Conference.

It is customary for Jake and me to ask each other what we can pray about for one another each week...I forgot to mention anything and at  the end of his letter Jake said, "Hey Mom, if you're still on-line what can I pray about for you?"  This touched my heart deeply to know that he is aware of others...and I realized how much of our prayers should be focussed on others and petitioning the Lord on their behalf.  It woke me up a little.  The Zone conference sounds amazing, I would love to meet The Mehr's some day.  They sound like an amazing pair of leaders.


Donc, This week was awesome as Elder Christensen and I went to Trinidad!  We had some planes that were delayed and we missed them and so we missed the first night!  But it was all good because we got there about midnight! The next day the spirit was super strong as tons of Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders from all over the Southern Caribbean flooded in to the room. The Spirit was tangible. President and Sister Mehr  taught us wonderful things about how to improve as leaders and lead in the Lords way and also how we can improve as teachers. It was capped off with testimony meeting at the end of the night where all of the leaders bore their testimonies and you could just feel such a reverent humble feeling come into the room.

I know that Christ lives, He is our Savior. He did die for us and was resurrected. Through His atonement we can become more than we ever could have without him.

I love you

Elder Lewis

Striking a Yoga Pose on their Half Marathon Run Hike
Zone Conference in Trinidad

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Letter Number 67......16 Months in the Mission Field

When I think about Jake being in the Mission for 16 Months It seems like the time has gone by so quickly, however I am starting to imagine embracing my Son at the airport and I can't wait to see my best bud.  

I have missed Jake so much, but his mission has been such a motivational experience for him and all of us at home, especially me...his Mother.  Every letter teaches me something, and I have had great joy in that communication. 

Today is 16 Months....Wow!

As I was deciding on what the title of my email would be,  I figured I could put that. It is crazy how time flies,  now that two- thirds of my mission is over and I have so much I need to do. Like go to trinidad? 

This week me and Elder Christensen are off to Trinidad to join up with all the Zone leaders and be completely edified. Let me just say this, I love being edified, it fills me with joy and with the Spirit and enlarges the soul. I am super excited to leave tomorrow. 

Last week, was crazy, we rushed with the Turners to do everything that we needed to do with them before they left us again. We signed a contract on an appartment, and moved the elders into a beautiful new apartment.  It was a good couple of days I do have to say. 

We also had a good chance to meet with Gerson and we had a lot of stuff to do with him so we changed his date to the 22nd. He is doing well, and has "show by his works", that he has received of the Spirit of Christ for the remission of sins"(D&C 20:7) I love watching people change it makes me really happy.

I had a wonderful Sunday.  I love waking up and consecrating my thoughts towards the savior, It brings such a wonderful joy. The hour of sacrament meeting truely can become a time of reconciliation with God and relief for the soul.

We had a sweet p-day

This morning we woke up early and from one side me and Elder Bodily ran, and from the other side Elder Chirstensen, Sims, Pape, and Glover ran. 

The hike is called  Grande Rivière à Prêcheur and it is 20 km long. We did it in 3hours 20 minutes. almost a half marathon. We will round up and say it was. super awesome, incredibly beautiful. also I have not run in a long time. enough said. You should look it up on google if posible. 

I love you all,

Elder Lewis

Also I almost got bit by a tarantula looking spider.  I'll send a picture next week.

The Rain Fall in the West Indies....about like our Snow Fall this Week.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Letter Number 66..........Moving Day Looks Hot!

A Paradigm shift for the Zone sounds amazing....! I was thinking today that's what I need..ha ha.  Don't we all get stuck in a rut and want things to change, but we are not ready or willing to change?  I am inspired to shift. what are you willing to look at differently that could promote change in your life? 

To see these Elders moving together is a great life lesson.  All of us have been in the position of moving and hoping people will come and help us, or perhaps we have been the ones to help...a lesson learned on the mission to step in where needed is a great one.


Donc, this week was incredible! lots of great things happend! Idont have any time to tell you about them!

in our zone we have finally had a paradigm shift!  We are working with members and being humble.

I  learned how to change an alternator. I learned how to get quotes on cars,  I learned how to throw a spiral with a football.

A share from my Birthday letter:
Disobedience is a day to day thing, it is the small things that make you lose your power.  What was Christ exhaulted before this life? Perfect obedience, obediece is equal to power, I am a strong believer of D&C 121 34-46 I have them memorized and they are written on my heart.  I wish I could truely explain to someone what the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost felt like. There are just not the words.  He comes to write on your soul the things of god. I remember very clearly the times when disobedience or pride stripped me of his presence. That is godly sorrow. You look at the Goodness of God and you mourn, and he changes you,  forgives you and "comforts you"  I love the beatitudes.  I didnt realize before they had so much doctrine contained in them. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is repentance, it is Grace,  it is the way to become even as God.

I learned the D&C: 121: 36

I love you all,

Elder lewis
Hot and Humid
Hmmm. how do we fit this in?

Jake..."I'm sure missing my swimming muscles!"

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Letter Number 65

Today is my Birthday and I received an awesome hand written letter from Jake.  He sounds amazing.   When I read his letters, even short letters, I realize that obedience brings happiness.  The light in the eyes of these obedient missionaries is remarkable.  I am thankful for their example and willingness to  

This week was crazy.

Elder Dayton left.  Elder Christensen came.  We got over our awkwardness and we are back to old times,  getting santified,  being obedient,  paying electric bills.... oh wait..... that is new!

These last five days have been a blur.

Elder Christensen and I are back to the good old days, but with more responsibillities this time. We are working hard and have two baptismal dates for  Renaud  and Gerson for the 15th of November. they are ready,  and I believe they will make it.

The Book of Mormon will change your life.

Read it,  Meditate,  Pray,

Love you,

Elder Lewis

In Jake's Words..."Me and Elder Dayton "Great Friends."  Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton saying goodbye at eh Martinique airport.