Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Letter Number 29

No transfer for Jake for another six weeks. He is so excited to see some of the investigators through until the end. The work is becoming so important to him now...much more than the adventure.

I would like to travel to Guadeloupe to see this beautiful country Jake keeps describing.  Lance and I have seen some amazing sunsets in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Costa Rica but perhaps Guadeloupe takes the cake. 

I'm soo glad Jake is exercising...I truly believe that if the Missionaries exercise they will be able to focus and battle to a better degree any depression or anxiety that may come their way. Movement is God's gift to us through our bodies.  

will be staying in basse terre gwada for another month and a half at the very least. but i hope that  can stay here for a long time, several more transfers at least. to tell you, we live on the side of a volcano, we are about 200 metters above sea level top story of three with a all around is good:) working out in the mornings for upper body on the balcony, or running next to the ocean the other three mornings of the week......boss. 

In other news, Elder C and I have been doing work down here in Basse Terre. Tons of things are changing..... from reactivating families, to helping the group find a building here in basees terre now that we have approval from The Seventy. 

This last week there was a huge strike on gass that lasted 8 the church is 30 minutes away. so we had to save our gas just for going to church and walk our area. we have the biggest area in all of gwada and probably in alot of our mission. also, like i said earlier we livce on a volcano here. so everything is steep uphill. but it was good, just burned about a billion calloriiies and contacted about every living soul while heaving for air and emptying out the sweat bucket.... haha but life is good. i love these people. sometimes they are crazy, sometimes they drive you crazy, but i love them.

This place puts the Bible Belt to shame. a mixture of Seventh Day Adventists, J- wittnesses, Catholics, Evangelists screaming at the top ot their lungs, and rastas (both real rasttas after the order and guys who want to call them selves rastas with dreads and weed, weed is actually against their order, also rastas belive they live after nazarite law, if you mention malchezidek they will go on an hour or two rant(also to to service for them they have to do service for you) and about billion other religions I am probably forgetting. . these people breath the Bible and eat spirituality for breakfast. 

Avoiding Bible bashing is probably the first lesson you learn out here, some people will not see sense, all you can do is bear solemn testimony of these things and be exactly obedient with hopes to have enough light to illuminate the darkness in their lives. 

Anyone who isn't part of one of these religions comes from France and is beyond atheist or agnostic or whatever you want to call it. Those people one time told me when her and her husband get to an old enough age they are going to go to a little retreat in switzerland and commit suicide togeather... i found that very disturbing. But here you also have to remember that people have their own agency and you have to let them chose for themselves. For me, my favorite message is the joy the gospel brings. The blessings of the commandments. repentance. baptism. holy ghost.  perseverance to the end.

Also, there is a type of green banana that is not plantain but you use it to make fries and it doesnt absorb the oil so they are healthy and delicious.

The chruch is true, it is lead by Jesus Christ through a living prophet. The Attonement is infinate and always there for us.

The blessings are waiting for our obedience, 

je vous aime mes amis et ma famille,

Elder Lewis 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Letter Number 28...Wonderful Week in Paradise

It was so exciting to hear about all of the physical and spiritual service Jake and his companion were able to offer the people of Guadeloupe this week. What an amazing way to spend two years...talking of Christ and taking the time to serve as much as possible.  I am so happy he made the choice to go on a mission.  

Hi Everyone,
This was another wonderful week in paradise, there are a lot of inactive here in Basse Terre, some that refuse to see the missionaries and others that are just too stuubborn to go to church because there was someone who offeneded them forever ago. Pretty sad, but we found out the problems of several members and are working with other members to help them come back and receive the blessings that are waiting for them. I think that is my favorite phrase I use, the blessings are waiting for you, so what is holding you back? 

We did quite a bit of service this week, wether it be for members or investigators,  we were a helping hand. One of our investigators who has a baptismal date for the 15th after we had a sweet lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ and also word of wisdom, she asked us if we could drill these seeds that look like those.... well they are called soap berries and they are used for earings... was cool. also we built a retaining wall. It was pretty sweet! Then the super inactive husband of sr. n came to church for the first time in forever.It was awesome. We were stoaked out of our minds. The work here in Basse Terre is starting to move faster and faster as we move towards having a group here in Basse Terre, and hopefully a branch again. 

Welp! that is my week! 

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom

How Much are you walking?
Jake: We walk about 2 hours a day, but we have a car because our house is at the top of a huge hill.

What are you doing to exercise currently?
We are running 3 miles at lease 3 times a week.  We also work out on this huge deck we have outside.

Do you still go to the bakeries?
Yes all the time, and we also eat the barbecue chicken they sell on the side of the road.  It is cheap like $14 for a leg and a thigh.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Letter number 27.....Zone Conference!

A Short letter for all of you from Jake.  I had a beautiful personal letter and our Family received a very long hand-written letter describing the culture of Guadeloupe.  I will include some of his thoughts and descriptions below.  Jake has talked quite a bit about "a true fast"  I am fasting today, and have been meditating on "a true fast"and how I can improve in this area.    

This last week was zone conferance! also we had the whole district of Gwada came together to have district meeting, people came from martinique too and it was great.

I learned a lot, we talked about repentance and remission of sins and the difference there of.  We also talked about what it meant to really fast. 

I know this is really short but I am super tired today.  The point is, i'm doing great, the people are crazy and I love them, and Basse Terre is the best area. It is so beautiful.

Wish you all some joy,

Elder Lewis

On P-day they sometimes go "Waterfall Hunting"...not a bad way to spend the day.
Amazing Sky!

Gwada is the Creole spelling for Guadeloupe.

Bass-Terre is the Capital of is extremely beautiful.  The roads are very slanted and go straight up into the mountains.  

Gwada is one of the Rum Capitals of the world.  The area is filled with Sugar Cane fields.  Jake has mentioned that because of this many people are on Dialysis and have Kidney Failure.

Jake also described all of the tropical fruit there is available on the island and how it amazing.  

There is an abundance of Jehovah's Witnesses on the Island, the people speak French.