Sunday, December 28, 2014

Letter Number 73

I love this beautiful story of conversion.  We don't all have the same changes to make, but we all need to make some changes, and this story reminds us that the Lord can help us do that.  

We had an amazing skype with Jake.  He is happy and healthy and loving the Missionary Life.  I feel so blessed by this, as I know some of the missionaries struggle with depression and anxiety.

We will be excited to be reunited as a family next Christmas, but I would never give up these amazing years Jake has had in the West Indies serving his Savior.

Renaud Cimper got baptised!

Here is his story,

One night Elder Dayton I were walking on the side of a highway and it was super dark, as we went to pass this guy he turned to us and said "do you have a Book of Mormon?" shocked we started to teach him as we were walking almost to the same place where he lived.  As we talked to him we found out a really old guy who is a member happens to be his neighbor and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. This was about 5 months ago. He needed some help with his home.  We did a family home evening one night and helped him put it in order.  Little by little he has kept it cleaner and cleaner. It is still not my mother's house, but it is improving.  He smoked almost Two packs of rolled tobaco a day. Little by little we helped him smoke less and less till he was able to pay for nicotine patches, right before he paid for the patches he found a goverment system that provides them for free. During this whole time he had been going to the Church, and reading dillegently in the Book of Mormon. He went from being a guy who smoked and slept to someone with a life again in his bones, you can see the change is his whole figure. We watched over the last 5 months as the Lord healed him spiritually untill he could be baptized, There was a lot of patience and prayers and longsuffring and love unfeigned but alas he is baptized. As he  came out of the water he had the biggest smile on his face and it was so full of joy and love. He shook giddily everyones hands and told me that he was never going to do anything bad or illégal again. He said that this was a new chance that God had given him and that he was going to do eveything in his power to endure till the end.

It was incredible. Attached is a photo of the baptism, and also all the missionaires and some of the members when down to downtown Fort de France by the ocean and caroled. It was super awesome:) We all had santa hats and there was a nice cool Wind that helped us out with the heat.

As we approach Christmas, let our minds be centered on Jesus Christ who gave us all so we  could receive all he has.

let us pray, and study, and ponder on the wonderful atoning sacrifice, that his Spirit may be with us this Christmas season

I love you all dearly, thank you for your support, Merry Christmas

et Joyeux Noël

Elder Lewis

Renaud's Baptism

Caroling in Downtown Fort de France, Martinique
Christmas Skype with Jake

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