Sunday, November 16, 2014

Letter Number 67......16 Months in the Mission Field

When I think about Jake being in the Mission for 16 Months It seems like the time has gone by so quickly, however I am starting to imagine embracing my Son at the airport and I can't wait to see my best bud.  

I have missed Jake so much, but his mission has been such a motivational experience for him and all of us at home, especially me...his Mother.  Every letter teaches me something, and I have had great joy in that communication. 

Today is 16 Months....Wow!

As I was deciding on what the title of my email would be,  I figured I could put that. It is crazy how time flies,  now that two- thirds of my mission is over and I have so much I need to do. Like go to trinidad? 

This week me and Elder Christensen are off to Trinidad to join up with all the Zone leaders and be completely edified. Let me just say this, I love being edified, it fills me with joy and with the Spirit and enlarges the soul. I am super excited to leave tomorrow. 

Last week, was crazy, we rushed with the Turners to do everything that we needed to do with them before they left us again. We signed a contract on an appartment, and moved the elders into a beautiful new apartment.  It was a good couple of days I do have to say. 

We also had a good chance to meet with Gerson and we had a lot of stuff to do with him so we changed his date to the 22nd. He is doing well, and has "show by his works", that he has received of the Spirit of Christ for the remission of sins"(D&C 20:7) I love watching people change it makes me really happy.

I had a wonderful Sunday.  I love waking up and consecrating my thoughts towards the savior, It brings such a wonderful joy. The hour of sacrament meeting truely can become a time of reconciliation with God and relief for the soul.

We had a sweet p-day

This morning we woke up early and from one side me and Elder Bodily ran, and from the other side Elder Chirstensen, Sims, Pape, and Glover ran. 

The hike is called  Grande Rivière à Prêcheur and it is 20 km long. We did it in 3hours 20 minutes. almost a half marathon. We will round up and say it was. super awesome, incredibly beautiful. also I have not run in a long time. enough said. You should look it up on google if posible. 

I love you all,

Elder Lewis

Also I almost got bit by a tarantula looking spider.  I'll send a picture next week.

The Rain Fall in the West Indies....about like our Snow Fall this Week.

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