Sunday, December 14, 2014

Letter Number 71...Elder Lewis' 2nd Christmas in the West Indies Mission

What a great story about a faithful woman overcoming her fears to strengthen herself and those around her.  I could just picture it.  I'm feeling like I'm glad this is the last year I only get to skype with my Son for Christmas...but so thrilled for his happiness and for the strengthening experiences he's having while on his mission.  He will forever be a better Man because of these two years.


Last week I wrote une noel, but it is really un noel martiniqai, I guess we are all imperfect.

This last  week was great.

The highlight was at fast Sunday.

For the last 3-5 years a really shy older sister has never been up to bare her testimony.  She is a very kind lady and her Grandson and cousin are members as of this summer thanks to her.  The Branch President gave   Elder Christensen and Me the assignment to go and help her go up and bare her testimony.  A few weeks ago we taught her the importance of testimonies.  After, we invited her with lots off persuasion to do it.  She signed a little contract we had made along with her Grandson and cousin.  Sunday came and before the meeting when I followed up on our commitment she had made,  pure terror was in her eyes.  During the meeting she looked over at me and our eyes met.  Trembling she prepared herself to get up and then got up and walked slowly to the microphone.  She spoke very softly and as she spoke the Spirit testified.  We were all filled with the love of Christ and courage.  It was an incredible moment.

I love my mission, I love these people, I love the Spirit.

Have a wonderful week

I guess I love you too

Elder Lewis

Questions From Mom:

How Is Ranaud doing?

It is planned that he will get baptized the 20th of this month! I have never felt someone be so ready! He is completely independent finding rides to Church. He quit a whole bunch of prescriptions that were doing weird things, and he hasnt smoked since the 17th! Truly a miracle! I have set the goal to baptize every month for the rest of my mission. It is so very possible.

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