Sunday, November 9, 2014

Letter Number 66..........Moving Day Looks Hot!

A Paradigm shift for the Zone sounds amazing....! I was thinking today that's what I need..ha ha.  Don't we all get stuck in a rut and want things to change, but we are not ready or willing to change?  I am inspired to shift. what are you willing to look at differently that could promote change in your life? 

To see these Elders moving together is a great life lesson.  All of us have been in the position of moving and hoping people will come and help us, or perhaps we have been the ones to help...a lesson learned on the mission to step in where needed is a great one.


Donc, this week was incredible! lots of great things happend! Idont have any time to tell you about them!

in our zone we have finally had a paradigm shift!  We are working with members and being humble.

I  learned how to change an alternator. I learned how to get quotes on cars,  I learned how to throw a spiral with a football.

A share from my Birthday letter:
Disobedience is a day to day thing, it is the small things that make you lose your power.  What was Christ exhaulted before this life? Perfect obedience, obediece is equal to power, I am a strong believer of D&C 121 34-46 I have them memorized and they are written on my heart.  I wish I could truely explain to someone what the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost felt like. There are just not the words.  He comes to write on your soul the things of god. I remember very clearly the times when disobedience or pride stripped me of his presence. That is godly sorrow. You look at the Goodness of God and you mourn, and he changes you,  forgives you and "comforts you"  I love the beatitudes.  I didnt realize before they had so much doctrine contained in them. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is repentance, it is Grace,  it is the way to become even as God.

I learned the D&C: 121: 36

I love you all,

Elder lewis
Hot and Humid
Hmmm. how do we fit this in?

Jake..."I'm sure missing my swimming muscles!"

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