Sunday, October 12, 2014

Letter 62

How fun to see how people in the West Indies watch conference...doesn't look as comfy as our nice homes we lounge in.  I remember the long hours of watching conference in the diligent the Saints around the world are.  I miss my Son today, but I re-read his personal letter to me, and he is so dedicated and amazing it makes the separation bearable.  He loves the Savior so much it touches me.

The Saints Watching Conference in Martinique
What an ocasion we have all had to listen to the prophets of God speak to us this last weekend. I found it to be 10 hours of the most edifying time ever. There was no where else i would have rather been at that moment. There is a special spirit that fills our soul with a resolution to do better, to rise above and to Share all this joy that we have.

I was also honored to receive a long email from Elder Tolman, my dad (trainer) and my brother.  He reminded me of many sacred experiences that we had together. and that our missions are short,  we need to be valliant every second of every day we can not procrastanate the day of our repentance.  This is our 15 seconds of our four minute life in the eternity's. But as Elder Zivic told me, " you have prepared for eons, do not waste that preparation".

I mostly feel like talking to my family, so I am just going to finish in saying that i love you

I love you

Elder Lewis

Thank you for your prayers, I feel them.
Sunset Baptism...Beautiful
Not of Jake, but I had to share.

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