Sunday, October 19, 2014

Letter Number 63.....and a priceless candid picture!

I love weeks when I am exhausted due to an extreme amount of great things happening, Elder Lewis seems to be in this place as he writes his Monday letter.  I would rather have him writing of exhaustion than boredom, so we are in a good place I believe.

I was deeply touched to receive an email with a photo his Mission Mom was able to capture quite by coincidence in Martinique.  Sister Turner and her husband Brother Turner came around the corner in the city and there were Elder Lewis (Jake) and his Companion Elder Dayton praying with an investigator.  

Seeing this picture was like viewing Jake like a fly on the wall.  A perfect insight to his mission and to all the Missions around the world.  How apart from the world they are...just going about their Father in Heaven's business.  How blessed their lives will always be because they learned to put the Lord and others before themselves for two years.  

Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton Praying in Martinique with an Investigator
You know you have had a wonderful week when you are so tired you don't even know what you are going to write about. 

President and Sister Mehr came and did a training and interviews with missionaires and members. It was a great three days to have them on the island and to feel of their good spirits; I love speaking with powerful people in the gospel, there is almost an eminence comming from them that you just cant help but feel. 

In other news Renaud is doing well, he received a Priesthood blessing this last week and he is doing very well in progressing towards baptism. He is trying his hardest to quit smoking and I think with his new found love for the Book of Mormon he will make it. We found him because of member work.  We were walking on the side of a freeway over in an industrial zone towards a member house late at night. as we passed this man who had his head down he looked over and asked us if he could have a book of mormon.  It was great! 

He is doing well

I am doing well

I am also tired,

I love you all

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom:
How Many Youth attend church in your area of Martinique?
Reply: we have 6-8 Youth from the ages of 4-18

What Can I pray for this week in your mission?
I am in the middle of fasting from habits and thoughts and things that the Spirit revealed to me are keeping the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost away. It is hard. We are so vain and prideful. It is a 40 day fast and I am on about day 25 please pray that I may succeed and become more sanctified in the spirit so I may have the power to open the hearts of the people. 

Jake shared this quote with me, and I love it.

C.S. Lewis said,  "We cant have dominion over others till we have dominion over ourselves." 

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