Sunday, June 1, 2014

Letters 42 & 43.....!

This letter is probably my most favorite letter Jake has ever written.  I love how he has inspired me to talk to Heavenly Father...reminding us all that he is there waiting.  I know this to be true, but sometimes I get casual in my prayers and communication with my Father in Heaven.  It is very exciting to see how with the help of Heavenly Father a man can be able to quit smoking.  I will pray for A today and hope he continues to be strong.

Soo, this is the moment at the end of the week where I try to think up all the great and wondrous things that happened and I  often look at the screen and pull a blank... hahaha but this last week was super great, we had three investigators at church, A, he came and he loved it so much, he participated a whole bunch in the investigators class and he was super happy after the matter, this week he is getting medical help to detoxify his body from all the smoking he was doing and he is down to less than 10 cigarettes a day. Pretty great stuff.  We go over there every two days to share spiritual messages with him and fortify him.  What a great guy.

I love too see the way that the priesthood is given to men for the benefit of others. The deep feeling of the Holy Spirit that enters into your heart when you lay your hands on someones head is incredible and humbling.  I know that it is truly God's power and authority restored on the Earth today. I love you all very deeply. 

Heavenly Father is only a prayer away, commune with him, he is waiting.

Elder Lewis 

Letter 43

Bienvenue à ma vie,

Elle est belle, ce que je fais, est precher, et recevoir la joie, je ne peux pas immaginer autre chose a ce moment

But in other words, things are looking up here in Basse Terre Gaudalope, or Basté Gwada, if you speak  a little Creole, 

This week was fantastic and full of miracles that I just simply dont have time to write about, but I will tell you about the normal stuff, so A is doing really well, last Sunday he  only smoked three, and he is working towards his date of the 21 of June, he wasnt able to come to church because it was mothers day and his ride let his wife take the car in the morning. That is a problem that won't exsist when we are in our cozy little group here in Basse Terre the 8th. Most of our investigators can walk and those who can't will be much more willing to drive! That will be the life. 

I recently found a renewed love of the Book of Mormon, I found an english copy that a missionary from a long time ago marked up underlining all major doctrine found within and annotating it. inspired me to do the same, but I am going to read the infinite atonement and under line all the scriptures from there in a copy. im super excited for that. i  am pretty sure that i could personal study for half of the day and share what I learned with eveyone for the other half. 

Kembé Red

Elder Lewis

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