Sunday, May 18, 2014

Letter 41...and the Mothers Day Skype! Wooohoooo.

I begin by telling you that the "Mothers Day Skype" was the best.  To physically see my Son and to listen to his voice was priceless.  He looks amazing.  He is so filled with light and love.  To the other Mother's in his District, he introduced us to your children and they are all amazing and kind.  This District and Zone seems to really love one another and are trying to get along.  Not every one of these kids are the same, so melding their lives on a regular basis is probably a little hard at times.  This scenario  set them up well for the rest of their lives, with roommates at college and later in marriage.

Jake loves his mission.  He loves the constant study of the gospel and the people.  Of course he loves "The West Indies"....who wouldn't. Living in Guadeloupe is like living in paradise.

As you all know it was Mothers Day yesterday and I got to skype with my fam bam and I am very happy at this moment in time. I think the coolest thing to see on your mission is how your family is blessed by your service.  Now that is a great blessing.  I feel like every prayer that I have said for my family has be realized over these last ten months.  Also saturady was my ten month mark.  It was super crazy to think about, it seems like yesterday and forever ago that I started. It is kind of just my life right now.  This is where I am,  this is what is happening. My life is one round of extreme happiness here in the mission field.  Wth all extremes there is always opposites also.  But they all work together for the greater good. 

I love meeting new people and hearing their different answers to their prayers as they pray to find a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

I know he lives. I know he is my savior. 

Avec Amour

Elder Lewis

 ...........Always Looking So Happy
Mothers Day Skype 2014

 The District
 Jake and His Great Friend Elder C

TheTroisieme Chute de Carbet 

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