Sunday, June 8, 2014

Letter Number 44

Jake had a wonderful week, it sounds as though he attended a mini-conference that was very influential and powerful for him.  It is always inspiring to be taught by wonderful teachers who light the fire within you to change for the better.


This week was absolutely fantastical.  I'll start with a couple really cool things that happened to us.  First of all on Wednesday we were at Elder Gammiettes house doing service.  He is a Seventy of the 4th quaurm, so already being pretty sweet experience just chilling with a Seventy doing yard work, the next day for the commemoration of the Priesthood we were going to go hike this 6 kilometer hike in the forest, and he wanted to set up a bunch of markers and stuff but he didnt have much time so he asked us to go run the trail with him. (remember this is a seventy) so we did! We ran 8 elders and him and we talked about leadership and how we much we should constantly surround our weakest memebers with the most love, often slowing down our own speedy progression to help them so that they can make it to the end too. 

We also had a part where one person is blindfolded and the other has to guide him over all of the roots and mud and not off the cliffs.  It was super cool the way he related to new members and missionaries. He told us that it is like we are in the light already used to our surroundings and that we have to slow down and guide them step by step holding them even with our arms around them. it was also compared to Christ and how he is always there next to us. He guides us and takes us by the hand even carrying us sometimes accross obstacles. 

We also talked about introspection and how we set goals durring the week and on Sunday when we haven't accomplished them we take the sacrament to re-charge our batteries. It gives us that extra hope and encouragement to keeping going and continually improve. It was incredibly awesome the way that he taught,  full of questions and light and knowledge.  I hope that I can continue in the light to be able to feel and be guided by the spirit like he is.  And even more.

On Saturday night I had a meeting with President Eclaire who is the second counselor in the Missionary  Presidency and he spoke about faith exhorting us to search for more and more faith so that we are pushed to repent so that we can receive a remission  of our sins and in the end so we can  have the spirit to be with us every moment of every day to an extent that people will reconize and ask us what is the difference. 

All of this is made possible by the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  As I study  this, the greatest event that ever has happened on the earth, and the most important, I am again and again brought into awe in thinking of the mercy and justice of our God, even our Father in heaven. I know that as we draw near unto him he will draw near unto us, I have experianced it, and it is the most wonderful thing  I can even imagine. 

On sunday we did splits with two of our strongest members in Basse Terre, we went arround to many of the investigators and the inactive members inviting and encouraging them to come to the church in Basse Terre this next week! 

I love you all,

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom?

What was your most inspirational moment from this week?
The Lord always waits for us to do our part, because he is "bound when we do what he says but when we do not we have no promise" 82:10

It is like the brother of jared principle. the Lord guided him in everyting and when he needed light he said " what will ye that i shall do" so he moltens the rocks, asks the Lord to touch them and his faith was great enough to pierce the veil. 

How is your investigator A doing with his smoking?

Hmm thanks for fasting for him.  His date is the 21st of this month, he needs probably to stop smoking this week or we will have to push it back.

We met a man that smokes 350 cigares in a week. he fed us lunch on saturday and is reading teh book of mormon

What was the best food you ate?
We ate yellow fin tuna with him, delish
Jake on Heaven because he is riding a bike! Giving us the old "stink eye"

Jake titled this picture "Hey it turns out I can cook!"  I say "Hey it looks like you can EAT!" HA HA

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