Sunday, June 29, 2014

Letter 47....Life in Martinique Begins!

I am in awe at the speed with which these missionaries adapt to their new surroundings when they are transferred.  In my personal letter Jake told me I should never worry about him, as he is always secure in the plan God has for him.  These words were just the thing I needed to hear from my Missionary Son.  He really loves his companion already, and Martinique sounds like a great new adventure.  The Senior Missionary Couple there have a Facebook Page called "Sunshine In My Soul."  I encourage you all to ask to be added.  They put up fun pictures of the Mission quite frequently, and this really warms my heart.  I sent Jake a great "Hump Day" package...his halfway point is on July 10th.  I had a lot of fun spoiling him with all kinds of things from new light colored pants and ties to Nutella and my homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I love and miss him, but I am so happy he has the ability to rise to the challenges he's been given, and I feel blessed that Jake is not prone to anxiety or depression.  What a gift from God that is.  

This is totally crazy! 

Cest Vraiment Bizzare! 

Oh my days..... the change the change!  The people are different the French is better the transportation is different they even changed the island!!!  It is totally crazy!  but I love it:) the people are more French influenced and have lighter skin here in Martinique,  The French here is more Parisian and I am hoping to improve my accent:) but all is well! I am with Elder Bodily and that is going great!  He is a great guy and we are wlaking the world over!  Actually we are going to ask and see if we can get bikes for our area!

But in the mean time we are taking these crazy busses!  The busses run at all sorts of times and places and sometimes just pass you right up! It is always a litlle crazy trying to finish lessons in time so we dont have to walk about a million miles! The busses here drive super fast and comfort is not a concern,  they turn super sharp and are all about the fast lane! when you stand up and hold the top rail  I think i feel like a rag doll being thrown from side to side,  it is pretty sweet! 

With the extra travel time I have lots of time to either One: come up with things to talk about or Two: think about gospel topics or Three: put fallen  mangos in the road in hopes you get to see them blown up by cars flying by. I recently started a new goal that I have to memorize one scripture every day, I'm going to try to do it for a whole year! That sounds like a lot right? well it is,  but i am pretty determinined to do it! 

I read a sweet quote that i want to share by CS Lewis: "you find out how strong a wind is by triing to walk against it not by laying down,... that is why bad people know very little about badness they have lived a sheltered life by always giving in"

I love you all very much and thank you for the many lessons that you have taught me before and on my mission, thank you for the support,

Avec Amour

Elder Lewis

The Elders were given these Bananas and they carried them all the way back to their apartment...huge feat!

Elder Lewis & Elder Petersen Wearing their Lava Lava's....Mom say "Oh Brother!"

The Two New Elders On Martinique

Best Fruit Juice Maker in Gwada! A favorite of Jake's

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