Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter Number 45....Almost to Hump Day!

Where has the time gone?  We are almost at the year mark.  Elder Lewis has had such a positive experience on his mission so far, and as I follow the progress of other Missionaries around the world on the Facebook Missionary Mommas site, I am so grateful the Jake is doing so well.  I am especially grateful for the good health he has experienced so far.  I am LESS enthused by the photo of my Son holding a 3 foot long machete they are using to cut and eat their coconuts with.  Not to mention OTHER interesting activities!!!!! I am rolling my eyes here.  Yes, they really are 19 and 20 year old boys.

What a wonderful week in paradise! 

.........side note, us and the elders chased and tried to kill a giant iguana.  It got away due to a quick move in a distracting moment. 

In other news iI was studying about the Atonement and Elder Callister explains that he had infinite power which came from the Godlike qualities that he possessed.
It was these qualities that gave him this power. Sooo I was studying it and I realized that when we are trying to become more Christ like we are literately increasing in not only stature with God but we are gaining power. Our authority changes and becomes power. It is like in Jacob 4:6 when he talks about how their faith became unshakable as they searched the proprieties. 

In other news again, this week was pretty boss, I had an exchange that I did with Elder Elhert who is now in
Capesterre and it was super awesome, when we went over to A's house that night and he asked him to look him in the eyes and say "i will stop smoking" except it was more like Je vais arretter de fumer but that is not too important. He calls us now when ever he is having problems and we remind him of the promise of the Holy Ghost after baptism and that is enough. 

The Atonement is real and powerful, I see it every day all of its infinite qualities influencing my life. It is really incredible the way it has changed and shaped my life,  and also the lives of many others here and all over the world.

"truly incredible!"

Love You All

Elder Lewis

The famous Bokit

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