Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter Number 46 Good-bye Guadeloupe HELLO Martinique!

My heart is heavy with the news of Jake's transfer call to Martinique.  He will be leaving his best buddies and investigators who are close to baptism.  He will be leaving just as they open the new meeting house the Missionaries have worked so hard to fix up for the congregation.  I know this is mission life, but I know my Son well enough to know he will be torn up as he leaves his beloved Guadeloupe. I have been to Martinique and it is beautiful.  He will love his companion and his new mission life here as well, it will just be an adjustment for him.  He will make new friends and meet new people who respond to the message he is there to present.  It will be fine. But in my heart...I know this will take a little time for this wonderful missionary to adjust and get his new normal on.

Welp, all good things have an end I guess, except for exaltation that one is pretty much just eternal, but in the mean time I received a transfer to Lamantin, Martinique to be with elder Bodily! I'm going to be on FOOT and by the end I might just amputate them also, but it will be great. 

my address will be changed

elder jake evan lewis
residance Aigue Marine 
Bat. A3 Appt. 7 
Rue dorsale
Martinique (fr) 

Pretty crazy right? I didn't see that one coming. 

I am pretty sad that I will be leaving Basse Terre here in two days and will be missing the opening of the group this next Sunday but I am confidant in the will of the Lord for me.

On another note,  I will be coming back to Gwada for a couple days for Zone Conference in July, That will be sweet!!  If you sent any letters or stuffs I will get them there.

On another note again, on Saturday we had a huge Polynesian day! There were a few tahitian missionaries and some members who put it on for all the members in Guadeloupe. It was sweet!! We ate tons of food that was cooked in a tahitian oven;  and you just dig a giant pit make a fire with rocks put the food in, put a tarp and cover it with sand till there is no smoke.  It is super crazy good.  We left it for like four hours and then opened it up and ate.,

 It was a great miracle for all of the members in Basse Terre because there were many investigators and inactives who came. The event was huge and this paragraph doesn't do it justice. But yeah. There were games and food and sun, I might of got a giant sunburn. 

For  p-day today we went to the "beach of deshaies" which was also the first p-day that I had on Guadeloupe.

I'm pretty sad to see all my good friends here go.... but I am ready to make some new ones. 

also.....i might of bought  a lava lava and be wearing it around the house from now on;)

Love You All

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom:
What was the "worst thing you ate this week?"

worst thing eeaten!!! there is a fruit connected to cashews!! look it up!! it is the most nastiest thing ever!!

best thing, a fresh pinneapple juice with fresh kiwi also:)
Jake's last P-day with his District! Jake spends it where it all started....same beach.  

Washing Dishes with Brother Duflot

Jake and Sister Hamel

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