Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letters 48 & 49....HUMP DAY

I can hardly believe that it has been one year since we said goodbye to Jake at the MTC.  I felt so secure to leave him in the spiritual guardianship of the MTC.  I will forever remember the amazing spirit surrounding that building.  Our last 24 hours with our Son was amazing.  We told him everything in our hearts we could think of.  I know this year will go fast, and we will be giving him a huge hug...however I miss his happiness around the house.  He is a great example of how to be positive.  What an adventure his mission has been so far, I am grateful for his safety and happiness and pray daily all stays well.

Bon Après Midi Les Gares, 

It is me again calling out from Lamantin Martinique, i'm pretty sure that there is very few people on this list that pronounce lamantin right... but whatever!  This week was great, we were sitting on a bus and the bus was starting to get packed, this old guy who was really loud yelled "what do you belive in exactly" so in the quietest way we could we gave him a articles of faith card, with wich he took out his glasses slowly and started to read. first one: ok ok second one: "NOW WAIT A MINUTE,IT WAS EVE THAT SINNED!!  " he went on to explain this totally unrelevant story of how it is actually Eves fault, he missed the idea... but we got everyones attention, unfortunately we had to get off the bus to go to a sweet lesson but we are sure that he continuned reading the little card, I think he probably had a good time doing it also! 

We decided to get bikes, which still entails a lot of walking but will be better for our transportations in the end, sometimes we miss a bus, and you can either walk two hours or wait another hour for the next bus.But with bikes, it is going to be sweet! 

I'm  loving life down here in Martinique, had some great experiances that have been written sucsessfully in my journal! 

I  love you all,

Bonne Semaine

Elder Lewis

The New Bikes....which will save Jake's feet and his Mom hopes won't kill him.

This week was pack full of craziness! 

First off we got bikes! Then we rode the bikes and everyone was super interested in our bikes, we decied to paint the bikes and scratch them up so they dont get stollen... after buying said bikes... the power whent out... and it turned back on for the other missionaires... but not for those in lamantin;; it stayed darkkk, and there were no fans in our way of not sweating to death, so we had kind of a crazy week going back and forth between sleeping at the others appartaments and working in our area, it was nuts! 

One of our progressing investigators is doing really well, his name is Gael pronounced gile, and he is french, he has come to church for about a year now and now he is almost completely done with smoking! It is incredible to see the change in his life as he stops this thing that keeps him from feeling the spirit alot stronger!  It is cool to help these people come closer to God and keep his commandments. 

This weekend we fasted as an entire mission, all the missionaries and all the members possible, it was very powerful.  We felt a great spirit as we came to chruch this last Sunday and interacted with the members. afterwords we all shared a meal and talked about missionary work it was awesome:)

I'm attaching a photo of a quote from the infinite atonement, it talks about something that i had never though of before, if you have time you should give it a look, it put the love that God has for me and all his children really in perspective.

I love you all

Don't forget it

Elder Lewis
Baptism in the Ocean!

Jake Opening His Hump Day Package

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