Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Letter number 26

Wow! So happy to have my Son escape injury this week!  

So this week, was pretty great,

Lots of great things happened this week which i cant bring my self to remember, but a cool miracle we had was this week. we were driving and we came to a three way intersection. we needed to turn left, but there was a big sign blocking our sight and a blind corner. as we went to go elder christensen started left then jerked right saying "hey we'll go see tanya" immediately after two cars came around the corner and wizzed by us. We would have been t -boned pretty badly, and the results wouldnt have been good for me, but we definitely saw the hand of the Lord watching over us as we soon relised that Tanya wouldn't be home and we turned around to go to our other appointment. in the moment it seemed like almost nothing,a stray thought, or quick refelex, but anyone who really looks will see that we are protected by the Lord everyday, and that there are miricles all around us.

It was a very powerful week, we set lots of goals to do even better as we are looking forward to a new group here in basse terre itself and haveing baptisms to help strengthen this area. 

I dont think that i have every been this happy in all of my life, it is an honor to be out here and to do this work.

Zone conference is this week. pumped. 


Elder Lewis

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