Friday, January 3, 2014

Letter number 22

Letter number 22

Exchanges seem to make Jake quite happy, I believe it's the variation that he likes and these days are probably good for both companions.  


This week we had bassically one giant exchange.  Elder T left for a conference for zone leaders in Trinidad and Iwas left alone with the Gosier Eders elder Pratt and Petersen, who are super good friends. We had a great week doing missionary work on the whole island of Grand Terre (there is basse terre and GrandeTerre I live on Grand Terre and the two are connected by bridges!)

This was like a week long exchange! It was kind of cool. I was with elder P and P inGosier, which made my prosiliting area the whole island of Grand Terre. it was a really good week, we did not have very many opportunities to work in my area, but the Lord blessed us in the end and we had some good numbers for member lessons and our investigators are doing good.

I also had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder C on saturday and that was pretty great too. We had a good moment to go and see some investigators and even go find some new ones. 

We are really excited for this next week here in Morne a Leau and we are ready to try out all of the things that Elder T learned at this last conference. it will be a good week i believe:)

We also we went up to this huge water fall  called Moreau Chute! It was sweet we  had to cross the river and mud pitts!  I got some good usage out of my keens:D

Also my mom sent me the 12 days of Chistmas and it is day 3!! crazy awesome!! 

Love you all! 

Elder Lewis

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