Friday, January 17, 2014

Letter number 25.....Jake has a new area and companion!

Jake has been transferred and has a new wonderful companion.  He has enjoyed all of his companions and has learned so much about life, the Lord, and how to improve himself.  As his Mother hearing him say he is happier than ever in his life makes me so excited for him.  I am reminded that service brings happiness.


Life here in Basse Terre is the best, kind of secluded, in fact very secluded,and the most beautiful area there is. I'm convinced that everything is a plant. 

We just got approval from the 70 that we are going to have a group here in Basseterre.  There used to be a branch but it fell away. 
Ps  who live 30 min away from Basseterre can now come. also the missionaries here in the capesterre branch 
had the sweetest day of missionary spirit ever. That is going to reactivate and help the work here so much in Basseterre.  There is many inactives(over60) who are excited for the new group and some of the people who live very far away willl be able to come too, for example the (blank family)

Lots of great things happened this week. Not really sure what to write or say about them, but we have found that we need to find more families to strengthen the already existing families here in Basseterre. So we have been avoiding apartments because that is mostly all single mothers who are running off government money, to neighborhoods with actually houses and cars and things like that. So far, we have actually found a couple who are interested, and we are also trying calling super old investigators who came to church, we had some great success there. 

Also this last week we had some very powerful lessons, one of our investigators we found out had a problem with the law of chastity, actually more like two or all of them. but we found as we focused on showing forth real love for these people expressing how great the blessings are and testifying of the joy coming from repentance has really worked.  Elder C and I are really working hard to have more charity for some of these people who it seems are super hard in the head. had some great member refferals come to church on Sunday and we had a very good start to a seemingly strong investigator. 

I'm so happy it is not even funny. 

I love you all dearly, keep the comandments,

Elder Lewis

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