Sunday, January 5, 2014

Letter number 24

Letter number 24.........
The best Christmas ever to skype with Jake.  He sounds and looks amazing.  He seem utterly content and very happy to be serving the Lord at this time.  I can see the pure love of Christ in his eyes.  I am so happy to be the Mother to this wonderful Son.  He's a great person.

And a happy new year!

So, being Christmas this week, it was a pretty awesome week. The week started off kind of like normal, a little weird because p-day was on tuesday, But Chirstmas eve was fun, had a really good time all day eating and just chillin'. 

Then the next day we woke up rediculously early, opened things from family and each other, and then went to Point De Chateaux, the farthest most Eastern point on Guadeloupe, which extends far out into the ocean with super jagged rocks. It was too cloudy to see the sunrise but it was still good! 

Christmas we had a couple back to back dinner appointments... it was alot of food... people here feed you like nobodies business,  and it is all super good food to. We had a super French 5 course meal in the night time, very nice, very nice!

But the rest of the week turned out to be pretty normal, we were trying this new way of teaching very simple doctrines and then asking inspired questions to help the investigators teach themselves twards baptism. we found lots of succses. it was quite incredible to watch the way that people guided themselves to baptism. It happened super powerfully in several lessons, many commited to be baptised and also one committed to a date. 

Sunday night we had a sweet miracle. The whole week we had had 8 very well set up appoinments for member lessons, and at the last second the all fell through one by one. We told oursleves, we can't go a week without at least one member lesson, that is rediculous! So we pondered as to who we could go see for the night to make it a member lesson, talked with a few members, set up some appointments for the week but still none for that night. After a while we prayed and decided to walk our way across town to a members house to share a message with them. On our way, we were walking through this big square  and we heard clapping and someone yelling at us. Turns out the family we were about to go see was sitting in the square, and the mom had one of her friends with her. we started a good convesation that soon became a lesson, and a baptismal date. 

Love you all, and hope you have a wonderful new year! 

Elder Lewis
Jake and Elder T after opening Jake's Christmas box!!! Pretty Cute Santas

Guadeloupe is known for it's beautiful waterfalls

Point De Chateaux

Where's Jake....look hard! What a way to spend Christmas Eve Morning

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