Sunday, February 2, 2014

Letter number 27.....Zone Conference!

A Short letter for all of you from Jake.  I had a beautiful personal letter and our Family received a very long hand-written letter describing the culture of Guadeloupe.  I will include some of his thoughts and descriptions below.  Jake has talked quite a bit about "a true fast"  I am fasting today, and have been meditating on "a true fast"and how I can improve in this area.    

This last week was zone conferance! also we had the whole district of Gwada came together to have district meeting, people came from martinique too and it was great.

I learned a lot, we talked about repentance and remission of sins and the difference there of.  We also talked about what it meant to really fast. 

I know this is really short but I am super tired today.  The point is, i'm doing great, the people are crazy and I love them, and Basse Terre is the best area. It is so beautiful.

Wish you all some joy,

Elder Lewis

On P-day they sometimes go "Waterfall Hunting"...not a bad way to spend the day.
Amazing Sky!

Gwada is the Creole spelling for Guadeloupe.

Bass-Terre is the Capital of is extremely beautiful.  The roads are very slanted and go straight up into the mountains.  

Gwada is one of the Rum Capitals of the world.  The area is filled with Sugar Cane fields.  Jake has mentioned that because of this many people are on Dialysis and have Kidney Failure.

Jake also described all of the tropical fruit there is available on the island and how it amazing.  

There is an abundance of Jehovah's Witnesses on the Island, the people speak French.  

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