Friday, January 3, 2014

letter number 23

Letter number 23
A wonderful gift of a letter to receive right before Christmas.  Our lives should be gifts of charity, everything we do should be a testament to our beliefs.

This week was a great week.  Actually Elder T was pretty sick for most of it. We used it as an oppertunity to go out and get tons of suff done that we needed to do for the zone. Bills to be paid, poorly written checks, broken phones, and immigration! Immigration was good because me and three others got out vinets to make us legal! I'm now legal for one year! Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me. The miricle this week was even though we had alot of time that was taken away from prosyliting time and were always busy through it all! but, some how, the Lord blessed us and gave us eight very good member lessons, and a few others. Did an exchange Tuesday with Elder B and we walked with our member into down town and saw some of our investigators and helped them with good member support. 

BUT, that all is not the best part of this week. 

The best part is that on Friday we had the chance to teach with Elder G( he lives here,  he's an area  70 for the Caribbean, and was the old mission pres here)  two of our investigators. It was amazing. We walked into the home of one and she was closed to the gosple before but as he began to speak the love became almost tangible in the air. It was incredible, the way that elder gamiette spoke wasnt too different, but the charity he had for our investigator was incredible. me and elder  T were getting almost on the verge of tears, it was very powerful. and then we walked down the street and met this guy who we had met four months earlier. We began to talk. This man has been prepared for a very long time. When we started to talk about the Book of Mormon he asked us "what tribe does this book come from?"all of our jaws dropped when he said that. we explained about the two sticks and at the end he said pointing to the bible "stick of juda" then pointing to the book of mormon "stick of joseph". He said he must read this book. he knows the Bible very well and was super receptive. Young guy, married to an american, rather weathy, desire to learn more, and next branch president? only time will tell:)

I'm not sure what the future has in hold, but this is probably the happiest I have ever been in all of my life.  Yet, there is so much to improve on, we all fall so short of the line. What a great time of year to make new goals to become More Christ- like, choose an attribute and work on it, and to remember that we have the atonement of Jesus Christ to help us and make it possible. For me it is Charity, the pure love of Christ, 
I strive to have that in my life, so that others can feel that, and come into the true fold of Christ and start their journey twards salvation. I know that Christ lives, that he loves us, that through him we can become like our Father in Heaven. 

I love you all,
Elder Lewis

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