Wednesday, December 11, 2013

letter number 21.........Jake has a new motto!

I think Jakes "new" motto sounds more like him than the beat down kid from last week.  To notice your blessings......well, it brings happiness and a sense of peace.  I was so happy to hear that he was able to get out on foot  AND enjoy some time at the beach on P-day. Jake received his Christmas package and devoured his Chocolate chip cookies.  Brown sugar is a rarity in the Caribbean, so even if he could duplicate my cookies, the ingredients would be hard to find. The humidity makes it almost impossible to get or store. He was soo incredibly thankful for all of the goodies in his box, it was all very worth my time.....and it filled my heart with joy!

Hey There Everybody,

The sun is always shinning even when it is rainning. I think I adopted that motto this last week while the heavens were opened and blessings and rain fell upon us. To tell you first about the rain. When it starts to rain here, get under something as soon as possible, soon after a bucket or 10 will fall on your head and you will be super soaked to the bone.  We got lots and lots of rain this last week. It was actually really nice to have a change from just the heat. Even got down to like 70 degrees for a moment in the night. It almost felt like it was the christmas season. But now it is back to mid summer weather. haha crazy Caribbean. We did have a great day at the northern most point in Guadeloupe, Anse Bertrand. At the beach and  this
giant rock that gets hit by waves we stood on it, and the waves came, and we got 100 percent soaked to the bone by the spray. It was incredible, and a nice release from a long time without a p-day activity.

But that all is besides the point,

Some highlights from this week were..... an exchange with Elder Peterson from the Gosier area, taking a day on foot in down town Morne A L'eau and contacting, seeing members, trying to get into upstairs appartments to talk with people. Which can be very hard, they have the shops down below and secret passages that lead to the doors above, super entertaining, and also was very productive. We have had an investigator at chruch for 5 weeks now in a row and she is moving twards baptism. Also, my mom sent me a christmas tree and I am very happy about it:)

Other than that, probably a lot of stuff happened that i forgot!

That"s what journals are for I guess,

Love you all,

Elder Lewis

Basically a Caribbean Cemetery!

My Handsome Missionary Son! Love him

Great Fun!

If you haven't been to the doesn't get much better!

Missionary Santas........I couldn't resist!

Out Preaching the gospel!

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