Sunday, May 31, 2015

Letter Number 92

I cannot tell you the great privilege and humbling experience it has been to blog for my Son's mission in the West Indies.  With every letter, my Missionary Son has born testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  He and his companion's have encouraged me to try harder and do better in my in life.  These humble missionaries are truly inspiring in their work for the gospel.  Their goal, to  help others have more fulfilled lives as they fill their lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I will miss having a missionary and the spirit that it brings into our home, but how wonderful to have have Jake where he is accessible in every day talk and share with.  

I know the gospel is true and that what Elder Lewis has been preaching for 2 years with his wonderful hard-working companion's does change lives.  I know we can be sealed to our families and live with them forever.  I know God lives and answers each of our prayers. 

Rebonjour Mes Amis,

This week was a pretty great week, lots of movement with the new transfer and whatnot but good nevertheless. This last week went by quick as a good friend ELder Savage left, he is a great missionary, and so is elder Stewart-Johnson(another 
companion from Texas, what are the chances?) . It is really interesting to be with a missionary under a year, I havn't had a missionary this young since training Elder Sims last April. We are really working on teaching in unity and I find it is a great oppertunity to help him better his teaching skills and French. We are still teaching Olivier and Claudia, Claudia the Brazilian member and Olivier the non-member boyfriend getting married and baptized in August. I'm starting to have quite a few trips to foreign temples that I would like to make. The Vestrice family in Fort de France and this family here. Great things are happining. 

Yesterday was Pentacost and so we moved p-day to today. There are always off days in France. and when everyone is off, it is like the street is just dead. I remember in Fort de France the day after Easter and it was super empty, the city had nobody but us in it it seemed.... untill you walked past the cath√©dral. 



I'm ready to do some missionary work back home as well.

Je vous aime tous,

Elder Lewis 

Jake's Last District in Martinique

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