Sunday, May 17, 2015

Letter Number 90

Our Skype with Jake was wonderful..they all have been.  That was our fourth Skype and gone was the nervous new "Missionary Mom" and in her place sat me..."new confident senior missionary mom"  I am sad to have the spirit of the mission leave my life as this special time and correspondence ends, however the desire to have my Son in my life physically outweighs that.  He is a great Son. I cannot wait to wrap my arms around him and give a great big hug. 

After skyping my family I was just realizing how wonderfully blissful reunion it will be in the mansions above coupled with eternal glory to see again and rejoice with our loved ones. I can only fathom that, it must truely be as it is said a fullness of joy. To add with that coming back into the presence of our Heavenly parents will be extrodinary. What a beautiful plan which was fabricated from before the foundations of this world, which alows us all to go back to the Father and be eternaly linked to our families. That is a knowledge that is so precious in these times, think of how many youth would be more obedient if they only understood the full plan. I love watching people learn and apply these truths to their own lives, there is nothing more rewarding than helping another brother or sister feel the love of our Heavenly Father. It is like light and life and meaning pouring into their eyes. as well as mine. 

This Church is perfect, full of people who are imperfect, all striving to be more perfect in Chirst. 

What a great thing it was to see my family, it was like a small bonjour before saying BONJOUR 

This week I could elaborate upon but I will tell you a temporal story that was pretty funny,

So I was walking around the church grounds where many Iguanas wait on the rocks by a chain link fence. Now if you don't know this Iguanas are super fast, like hyperspeed. But there have been many attempts by missionaries to catch them. Sometimes it works,  not often. So I was walking and there was three. Two were lightning speed and got through the fence before I got close, the third however was much slower and was too fat to fit through the fence. As it repeatedly hit the fence I thought " I could just reach out and grab it by the tail" and BAM! I grabed it and hung it up so it was off the ground. It was super fullfilling. Nothing like catching an Iguana before District Meeting. 

Love you all,

Elder Lewis

Elder Lewis and Elder Savage

Jake Captures an Iguana!

Elder Lewis' Last District

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