Sunday, May 3, 2015

Letter 89..and One Week To Skype!

It seems strange that I will see Jake in 2 months.  Almost surreal that he will sit at our dinner table and chat with us, but that he is the same but even better young man than he was 22 months ago.  I have seen how a dedication to the Lord can hone and change who we are.  I am excited to be with him, but want to testify again, that the mission is a wonderful life-changing experience. 

This week was again great, there were so many things that have happened in the last few weeks there is not really anytime to sit down. This week was for the most part planned and all we worried about was what we were teaching and how to help each person. We had a great desire to turn around this area and it is exactly what has happened. The Lord has heard that groaning of our spirits and has answered it. This area is truly turning around like the sun is coming up. Lots of exciting things. The more we believe people are going to get baptized the more frankly they accept baptism. Great week. 

Olivier (bet you didnt know that that means olive tree) and Claudia are getting married in Agust and he will be baptized just after. We got to their shop where we teach them and we bassically just listened to them talk about how there conversion is super strong and that there is so much to do in the gospel but it is all posible. It all makes for a good life. there is a self relience program that just launched here and it is pretty cool, I dont know if you already had that but it is a great system.

We had to take the Zone leaders to the airport at 5 or so this morning so I'm pretty toasted. Then we played tennis for a few hours, you would never believe how much fun it is to play tennis

Love you

Elder Lewis

Elder Jake E. Lewis' address
Residence les Paletuviers

Appt. 17
Modong sud
97122 Baie Mahault
french west indies



Elder Lewis and Elder Savage...ummm those are some big bananas!

Oh The Waterfalls of Guadeloupe

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