Sunday, May 24, 2015

Letter Number 91

I am sitting at the computer crying!  This will be the second to the last time I will actually blog for my amazing missionary Son, Elder Lewis.  I feel it has been an immense privilege to do this for him as his Mother. He has preached the gospel to me on many many occasions.  I will miss these letters from my Son, but look forward to visits and calls and vacations together.  Jake has a testimony of Jesus Christ as his Savior and Redeemer.  I have seen it grow and change into a different deeper version of conversion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am humbly grateful for the blessing of raising this Son and being a part of his life.  My children are a great gift from God.   May we all learn from these young strong Missionaries serving all around the world. They are so selfless. 


The last transfer call has been received! I'll be in Gosier (here) with Elder Stewart-Johnson! He started in Basse Terre four transfers ago and it will be pretty good. It was a great week and there was lots That happened and to do still.  The Thai woman Ananya and her husband Xavier came to church and are doing really good in their progression towards baptism.  A family I taught in Fort de France is getting baptized on Saturday (Pierre Louis and Wilta) pretty cool stuff. 

I'm not really in a mood to write lots of stuff as I am a little sick. But the Work cannot stop now nor never, every second becomes more and more precious as the clock keeps on ticking. It is weird to be so close to the end yet not really think about it, it only motivates me to be a better missionary. It is all about the moment. What happened before is in the past and everthing that is in the future will worry about itself. The moment is ours, we make it what it is.

I have learned that communion with God is not by spoken words but as Paul stated " with groanings which cannot be uttered" Rom 8:29 therefore it is truely the Spirit which maketh intercession for us.  Every second we have an opportunity to learn to receive revalation. We teach our Spirits to comunicate with The Infinite. This week I was pondering quite a bit on the 1993 CES devotional "the voice of the spirit" by Elder James E Faust 

i recommend it,

I love you,

Thank you for your prayers

Elder Lewis
Jake posing by some graffiti that summarizes his feeling about being a missionary

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