Sunday, April 26, 2015

Letter Number 88.... "A Week of Miracles and Stuff"

This week really doesn't sound very glamorous...I think sometimes people know that Jake is serving in the Caribbean and it sounds glamorous and fun, this does not sound very fun, but I learned so much about persevering in Faith. How easily I can give up at times.  I am impressed by the members to set up so many lessons for the Missionaries to teach.

We could call this a miracle week, everything about it was miraculous it was really quite a week to be in Gosier. We really wanted to forward plan but we had almost no appointments to do it and there was only one progressing investigator and nothing was really working out. Then, we decided to just have a great attitude and work super hard to achive high goals and man did we work hard! On Tuesday we went out with the plan to set a baptismal date and after having some great lessons of the Spirit we decided to go and change where we were finding. On our way we decided to walk from one place to another and not take the car, in walking we found a young man who is trying to change his life and really needed the knowledge of the Book of Mormon to help him. We had a lesson and set up a schedual to see him three times a week. His name is Caleb. 

Otherwise that day we had lots of lessons and saw some members and the following couple of days were filled with miracles and stories of finding. We have been using our DVD players to the maximum showing people powerful videos of Christ and inspiring messages! We were talking with someone very rooted in his faith and we showed him the "He Lives" video and it was super powerful, he felt the Spirit and his heart was changed he allowed us to come back to teach him at his house. Faith is amazing, we do so little and the Lord truely does so very much, the last three days were completly planned and the next three are too. This week we have coordinated 7 member lessons already and we could easily have 3 or more with that. On Sunday we really had everything fall in water and really wanting to give up under the hot sun we sat down on a bench in the shade out side of the less actives house and looked at our plans for the week to come, we used the time to forward plan and set up the previously mentioned member lessons and then got up, changed places started talking to see another less active who wasnt there, and then as we decided to go finding a guy stopped on his bike asking for the missionary lessons. The first door we contacted that opened was super interested and it turned into a double contact as another young adult was coming up the stair case both were great people who gave us return appointments. Durring this time the first less active called us apoligizing and inviteing us back over.  It was great. We doubled the lessons of last week. The Lord is merciful. Great things are happening.

Love you all,

Elder Lewis

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