Sunday, April 12, 2015

Letter Number 86 "Back to where it all began",,, Guadeloupe!

I chuckled to read how little Elder Lewis cares about his Birthday while in the Mission field...just something to be put up with..very funny how set apart from the world he seems. 

I don't have a lot to say, other than, I was touched to be able to read the letter he wrote to his Mission President..I hope it will full your spirit like it did mine.

So I got my birthday all passed and done. Also, I am being transfered to Gosier,  Guadeloupe,  the other side of the island that I served first upon.  It is oppisite of Morne à L'eau. I will be with a long time friend Elder Savage who was in Capesterre when i was in Basse Terre. Pretty cool eh? 

I am pretty sad to leave Fort de France, but I know it is in the Lords hands, and I will return one day. 

General Conferance blew my socks off.  What a wonderful opportunity to hear the will of the Lord be revealed and receive a testimony of livining prophets on the Earth. This computer has a French key board with english spell check. Weird. 

I wrote a pretty good letter to my Mission President and so i will just forward that along. 
A great P-day by the Waterfalls of Martinique

Hey President,

I would just like to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for sending me to Fort de France and entrusting me to be a Zone Leader for such a long time. It was truly a miracle what happened. The Lord really taught me many wonderful and important lessons. I learned how to rely on his infinite goodness and grace to, at the end of each day, get the job done. I remember when I was first with Elder Dayton. We walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, just like the primary song says about pioneer children. I have a pretty high arch on my feet and I had horrible pain in them for the most of my time here. I learned to tune it out, If we were always in motion always looking for the next thing to do the pain was less. I remember walking on a darkened highway at about 7:30 at night when passing a big looking guy. I still remember the shocked feeling I had when, as we passed him and he turned to us and immediately asked us for a Book of Mormon. Renaud would later quit smoking and be baptized with me and Elder Christensen. I remember feeling inspired after a mission leadership council on how to present the many instructions we had received. I remember sacred moments on exchanges giving training and council to different missionaries. I remember so many wonderful lessons about the Spirit and learning to walk in the small portion of the path that he illuminated before my feet, seemingly not more than a half a step ahead. This area is incredible. It has changed me and my mission and probably my whole life, yet it was as a small moment in it all. I am filled with thanks as I will be headed back to Guadeloupe where I started to finish my mission. What a sacred and beautiful experience that I have had here.  Again and again and again, I love this branch, I love these people, I love the Lord.

The joy of the Gospel is immense,

Elder Lewis

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