Sunday, April 19, 2015

Letter 87...

It's weird to think of Jake in a different place than his bungalow on the hilltop, wear he slept on the veranda overlooking the city of Fort De France.  But Mother's adapt when their kids are on missions. I'm sure he's having a great time with Elder Savage. 

I need to speed up my reading in the Book of Mormon to keep up with this inspiring missionary.  I hope you will all join me. I will be reading 2 chapters a day until Jake comes home. It's a great goal.


It is interesting to e in the branch where I started my mission, a very warm welcome by all the members there who are all in a certain measure friends. I had a bitter sweet good bye to Martinique and my zone, I really do love them.

This week was great. We are teaching an unmarried couple, one is a member from Brazil who was inactive for years and jsut randomly showed up at church one day and brought her boyfriend. The other, Olivier (which means olive tree in French, (I'll never think of it the same) has a baptismal date for the 16th of May. It is really close and we helped them by lots of persuasion and long suffering and patience and what not to take the dicision to get married for time before then. They said it will be really hard but they can do it! I love when people exercise their faith, you can watch the miracles come to past. It is always a pleasure to watch someone truely seek and truely knock and truely find and have things opened unto them. I love my mission because I see the same thing happen in my own life and it helps me teach others how to better come unto Christ to be perfected in him. 

Im reading the Book of Mormon again in French, I hvae kept to a mission schedule of once every three months, I will finish agian before I go home. I was thinking about the begining of Nephi's vision how the Spirit asked him what he desired and what he would believe. There is  a perfect parallel between that and the questions the Lord asks to The brother of Jared....something to think about!

Love you all dearly,

Elder Lewis

Jake and a member in Guadeloupe, even when he passed the sacrament he would lean down to the that about him.

Elder Lewis and Elder Petersen
Two great friends

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