Sunday, April 5, 2015

Letter Number 85

I had a great email from Elder Lewis that talked about how he has a testimony of Fasting and how  his French gets mangled when he bears his testimony...I wanted to tell him the same thing happens to me and I'm speaking in English.  This letter is short, but I am still inspired to try to fellowship the people who are investigating the Church.  His good friend Elder Roskelley said the same thing in his letter this week.  I will try harder to be aware of these people, and to be more welcoming and friendly.  

Sorry to not be very inspiring this week, I'm a little pressed for time,

The Vestrice family is back from their Cruise and they had so many questions about the gospel! They are reading and studying the Book of Mormon like crazy and are slowly coming to know the truth of it all! they are also integrating nicely into the Branch! We saw them with the Branch President on Saturday and it was wonderful.

I have a testimony of Fasting!

I love my mission!

I love you!

Elder Lewis

Elder Lewis and Elder Petersen treated to a Mexican dinner with Brother and Sister Turner

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