Sunday, March 29, 2015

Letter Number 84...So Many Blessings!

Jake mentions their astonishing blessings, I feel that way about our family.  We have truly been blessed and I am eternally blessed to have Jake be such an example of faith and Thanksgiving on his mission. With every letter I read and then blog I remember to include the Lord in every part of my life.  I love that with each letter now Jake talks of how much more he has to accomplish on his mission before it is over. He has three months to go.  

Bonjour mes chers frères et sœurs,

I really feel like writing about a line and sending this, nevertheless, I will make an effort.

First read Helaman 3:25


That pretty much describes my week.

The Vestrice family came to a family home evening put on by the Branch this last Tuesday, I have attached a photo of them at said activity. They look like such an eternal family. They came in a little late and we were in the spiritual portion and they were really kind of nervous and then we passed to the games and fun and the whole branch started to really surround them and have fun with them and their ten year old daughter played games and they started to laugh and it was a great moment. Later Viviane the wife,  said that they where sad they were leaving on a cruise for this week because she would miss the activity for the Relief Society. They are really a blessing that came down out of heaven. I really love them a lot. As well as Elder Peterson, I love him a lot too, he is a great friend of mine and we are really coming to a unity and power in our teaching that is incredible.

We also had a Zone Conference by Elder Cornish and his wife of the Sevety, it was broadcasted from Gwada Sunday, it was a bummer we didnt get to go to Gwada but it was incredibly edifying in all cases. I really love the power and assurance that General Authorities have when they speak, their words sink deep into your soul to the point where you just know that what they are saying is pure truth.

I really love my mission, I am trying to go faster and faster every day for the end is approaching and there is still plenty to do!

I love you all!

Elder Lewis

Elder Lewis and Elder Petersen at Zone Conference in Martinique

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