Thursday, March 19, 2015

Letter Number 82

I just love Jake's theme of gratitude...our Family has so much to be grateful for this year.  Just so many many miracles.  Gratitude and Love, what could be better news from our Son on a mission.

Oh la la, La semaine était très bonne! Le Seigneur nous a béni.

There is always piles of things to be thankful for, even stituations to be thankful in on a mission. I love it here the connections that I am making here are eternal.

I told you about I guy we met named Gerome three Sundays ago just before going home. He is progressing incredilby fast he set up a schedual to read the Book of Mormon before the middle of April. I love those who are willing to act on our message, that is the best. He is also going through the most part of the references on bottom and looking them up. What a great guy.

Irena is doing well, she hasnt been to Church in a couple weeks and this last week progress was really slow, we are working on that, a little bit of longsuffering and persuation and sinsere love and the rest of those qualities will do a little more than a little good.

I love Fort de France,

I love Martinique

I love my Parents, they are incredible,

I love my sisters,

I love my nephew,

oh did I mention?


Have a great week,

ELder Lewis

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