Sunday, March 1, 2015

Letter Number 81...Another Week in Paradise!

Carnival sounds interesting.  Missionaries in many parts of the world have to stay in for the week of "Carnival" in their country.  I like that Jake called that "ridiculous."  How silly to behave purposefully in a way you would have to then repent of.  I believe we all of these behaviors but the idea is for us to abandon them forever in our quest to become different and better people.  These missionaries are always looking for miracles and blessings, we need to model this behavior in our lives, I feel so blessed when I turn around my thoughts like this.  

An amazing view of Martinique...look closely at Jake's shoes, those are shoes of a real missionary! Im so proud of him, he's working so hard.
This week was a little destroyed by canival. It was pretty interesting. We tried working Monday night and had a little sucsess but soon found that even out of the main city area the roads were shut down and music was blaring everywhere. oh carnaval is lundi, mardi, and Mardi Gras, where everyone sins a whole lot and then "fasts" from the abominations they had just done for 40 days. Here it gets pretty bad, they close down the whole city, there is a giant parade and people get super drunk and pretty much party and get high and do bad things all day and night long for four or so days. It is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever whitnessed. We had to leave our area.  We used the next two days to do a blitz and a double exchange. On the blitz( 4 missionaires in one area to find lots of people and have crazy miracles.) I was with Elder Galati who is going home this next week! We had a great day and found this old super wealthy Catholic woman who said that the Book of Mormon would either change the way she practiced her religion or would change it. It was super amazing. Also we were super guided by the Spirit of the Lord to go there. We had been contacting in Beausejour for a while and we started to feel weird so we said we need to go where the Spirit is, we immediatly left and started walking down a road through a bunch of sugar cane fields and felt much better, eventually we ended up at  this house and we realized the walk to the next city was too far so we rang the door bell on this mansion, the automatic gates opened and beconed us inside. It was a miracle. It was a great week! the Lord sent down many blessings and miracles. We were walking up this big hill that goes to our house last night after visiting a less active member and at about 21h05 a guy walks past us with tons of energy and keeps on walking but turns around and starts asking us about our work. We explained that we were missionaries and that we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. He said that he had been studying the bible in French and Spanish and he noticed lots of differences in very important scriptures, he exclaimed that he had been looking to be baptized that year (this was the second person that had said this to us during the same day). Taught the Book of Mormon, showed him how it taught the plan of Salvation and lost truths and clear doctrines. He was stoked to know that God had provided a plan that these precious truths would not be lost. It was a great cap to the week.

Irena is also doing well, she is progressing in her reading of the Book of Mormon which is giving here great understanding of the things which we have already taught. Everyone really will hear the gospel in their own language.

 I love you all,

ELder Lewis

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