Thursday, March 19, 2015

Letter Number 83

Jake's last two letters have been full of Faith and gratitude to Heavenly Father.  I had an experience last week very similar to this theme... a prayer was answered after many years of asking and pleading the of the Lord.  We need to remember to be Faithful and be patient.  I am so happy Jake loves Martinique so much.  We will see what transfers bring.
A quote from The Turners , And, as Rudyard Kipling says, “The tumult and the shouting dies”, and what do we find? Our faithful and honorable missionaries wending their way up the hill (and there are a LOT of hills here), to continue spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.


This week has been off the charts fantastic . I could honestly stay in Fort de France for the rest of my mission and be the happiest person every alive ever. I love it here. It seems as thought there are unlimited opportunities at every corner to improve and be challenged and grow. It has really been a whirl-wind these last almost 8 months. I really love it here. This week the Lord has blessed me in ways that I can not even express with mere words. I know that this work is his work, and that no unhallowed hand shall stop it from progressing. I would like to thank you all for the many prayers that you have sent my way, I really do feel your love and the Lord has blessed me Immensely as much as I see him blessing you. I know that he answers our prayers, sometimes we do not see at first that they are being answered because we do not hear his voice as we do when our friend answers, we do  not see him yet he acts in our lives. This last week I made a few realizations of things the Lord was doing for me to answer my prayers and my fasts and to grant me with a great assurance of his love. I am full of thanks and of joy for the many tender mercies the Lord has given me and my family and my friends. These are a few of the truths that I am coming to know more and more every day.

The Spirit of God can communicate with our spirits, letting pure knowledge flow into us by the process of revelation.

The enabling power of the Atonement is just as real and powerful as the redeeming power, the two act together.

The Book of Mormon is true, and testifies perfectly of the mission of Jesus Christ in such a way that it writes it upon our souls by the Spirit.

This work is the Lords work, and he works through us more and more as we give ourselves to him more and more.

God answers prayers.

True conversion comes over time from trials that push us deep into the gospels soil.

Anyone, at any time can chose to change, the Lords arm is always extended in mercy towards us.

As president boyd K Packard says we cannot force spiritual growth, only invite it by obedience and study and prayer and dilligence.

This week we had a series of fortunate events, called miracles. One being this,
Back in december you might remember the fact that we found a Jew who wanted to believe in Christ but couldnt bring himself to do it becuse of certain contriditions in the Bible and in different religions. Mr Vestrice. For a long time we have tryed to call and set up rendez vous many times, we pass by, he was busy, we called he didnt have any time. I started to lose hope for him recently after many tries to see him. I always felt the push to go back. On Tuesday we called. On Wednesday, by  a miracle we saw him and his wife. We expounded upon the scriptures in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and the Spirit testified. He read late into the night, called us in the morning and asked us to come over again the afternoon. We were busy. He called us Friday morning, same thing. After we gave him an appointment for Monday he came to Church (on a Sunday at that). We are going back tonight. The Lord does his work in a way that we really cannot understand. He truely has foreknowledge and can lead us to be in the right places at the right time.

Let us be faithful to our Heavenly Father.

I love you all dearly,

ELder Lewis

P-Day Basketball

P-Day in Martinique

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