Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter 80... "Life is Beautiful"

My feelings mimic Jake's completely. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father that he has had this time in The West Indies to serve and to really discover who he is and how strong and capable.  I am most grateful for his growing knowledge of depending on the Lord 
Dressed down for P-day to see the Missionaries chill'n

La vie est belle,

What more can truly be said than that? I am so thankful to the Lord for this time I have out here in the mission field. As I begin to realize that the end is nearing up, I have felt a Spirit of great urgency. Every breath is becoming so precious that I take out here. There is no time to be disobedient, there is no time to be distracted, there is no time to stop. Even the time for sleep should be used effectively. I have a testimony of self consecration and sanctification. Whereas I am anything but perfect, I know that in Christ I can be made perfect. This week was  full of wonderful thoughts inspired by the Spirit, I have felt edified and filled. 

This week we saw Irena some more. She hadn't really understood the importance of the Book of Mormon, so we had a great lesson talking about how these great feelings that she has been having are really just testimonies of the Spirit. We talked about how that grows inside of us and since then she has engaged herself to read daily. Another time we had a great miracle, we have been looking all over Fort de France, the capitol city of Martinique for a nice quiet spot that we could teach Irena, normally we are not able to go to her house so we teach her in a park next to the board walk. There are always lots of people and tourists and children there so it is difficult. Frere Maugran, who is her friend showed us a place in the upstairs of this new mall complex that is hidden in downtown. There was a nice closed off deck with not very many people on it, we taught the plan of salvation. The best was sunday. At 10 till her phone was still off and the member did not know how to get to her house. We prayed and felt desperate but trusting the Lord we continued to call her. A few minutes later we were able to call her and Frere Maugran went and picked her up! The joy of her coming into the room was incredible! She was so happy and she loved church! She has a date for the 21st of march! I hope I am here! Transfers are next week! 

I love you all so very much.

have a wonderful week

Elder Lewis

                                        A rhumerie in Saint Pierre

Elder Lewis and Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen just all worked out!

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