Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Letter Number 77

A nice attempt at humor by Elder Lewis.  I grew up very close to the Canadian border and they really do insert that phrase a lot.  

Jake's words of love fit the season, and I am so happy to know without a doubt why he is serving his mission...Love for the Savior and his neighbor.  Great Testimony.

I guess I owe you a full email eh? 

The senior couple are canadian and so is one of my missionaires and i'm really digging this eh thing they do. It is kind of hard to do right at first but it is really catching on! 

This week was great, it is nice to be on foot again and start to use the bus system llike we should. We had a few mixups of bus times which was a little frustrating but no matter, the Lord always provides. This week we started seriously teaching a Ukrainian investigator named Irena. Her French accent is about the hardest thing to understand, maybe even harder than Canadians eh? hahaha,
We ordered a book of mormon for her in Russian and she has been loving the reading. She says it is really hard to find books in Russian on Martinique.... who whould have thought? She is very sincere and wants to know more about Christ, she feels super edified and we invited her to be baptized, she wants to think and pray about it. We proposed a baptismal date to Martine for the 28th of February and at first she laughed but then she got really serious and told us that she does believe these things are true. She Will come around to it, the Spirit has an interesting way of workin on her. She always fights against what we are saying, then in the middle of her rant she says something to the effect of "yeah acctually this makes sense and i prayed and know it is true". 

Life is looking up in Fort de France Martinique, I love it here, I love my companion, the people, the branch, and above all I love the Lord. I testify that this is his work and that the gospel has been restored to the earth in these last days. Lets us prepare ourselves so we may therefore be ready and not fear D&C 38:30

I love you,

Elder Lewis

Jake and Elder Bodily his great friend from Guadeloupe 

Jake and a Member

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