Sunday, January 25, 2015

Letter Number 76

One of the greatest blessings of Jake's Mission has been the Senior Missionary couple Elder and Sister Turner.    As you can see here, they serve the missionaries and the mission tirelessly.  They take them on many adventures and provide parties and social experiences for them. Honestly, I am going to do this with my activity day girls this winter...looks so fun.  The District had a conference this week and Elder Lewis was feeling a little tired but looks happy and content here.  We have five more months and he returns.  How time has flown..I miss him every day but I am so grateful for these testimony and life-changing experiences.

This week has been crazy! we had 4 of five companionships change on the island!

All is well, we were contacting and we met this lady named Martine who was a really strong Catholic, well we missed our return rendezvous and came back a little while later and she told us we were bad predicators. She then let us in and we talked.  She had been given a book of mormon by a member 19 years ago but couldn't remember who. We brought a member and as we taught the restoration we felt inspired to ask if it was a certain member.  We didn't know her first name but the member did.  As soon as he said it she started almost leaping out of her chair in jubilie.  She was very excited. We are bringing back the member who gave her the book and she is preparing to be baptized.

Life is good and the Lord is great. Our testimonies are stronger than sight once they are written upon our souls never to be erased. one could almost say that our testimonies are distilled upon our souls as the dews from heaven. Interesting how that all comes togeather.

France is pretty crazy right now.

I love you all,

Elder Lewis   

What a fun activity

Elder Lewis and Elder Petersen roasting to perfection for the perfect S'more

Elder Pape's Birthday Roast...Thank you Sister and Brother Turner

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