Sunday, February 15, 2015

Letter Number 79

Elder Lewis talks of Faith and Miracles.  I love the images of He and Elder Peterson's bus trip up the mountain.  A trip of faith to be sure.  I can never fixate myself of the constant danger my Son is in, but try to focus on closely he is living to the spirit of the Lord and trying to hear what direction he should go every day.  I have been praying for that in my life more hear and head the direction of the spirit.  To go where I am needed. 

So many fun pictures that capture Jake's full experience in Martinique.  The members look fun.  I am ever thankful for The Turners in these missionaries lives and Lance and I hope we can model our service after them someday...they are fun and supportive.

Jake and Elder Petersen get their Valentin's Day think I almost didn't send one...I would have missed making this guy so happy!  You can't put a price on that!  


This week was incredible. For the last three or four months we have been trying to get our member work going in Fort-de-France and this week the Windows of heaven opened up and poured out the blessings. This week as we went from place to place we were filled with light and knowledge and the Spirit and all of this permeated into our lives and the lives of those around us. On Tuesday we were at a loss for where to go and we decided to take a bus we had never taken before up into the mountains around us.  As we climbed up we decided to get off at a certain point and told ourselves that we would not miss the next bus going down. We started to yell into a couple houses from their cement Caribbean walls and we found this lady who was interested in what we were doing. After the matter she went into the house  and someone made a comment about Mormons and that she needed to give back the book. When she tried to give us the book her son, who had walked up a little bit previously and was tentitivly listening, decided to take the copy of the Book of Mormon. He was sure he would read it. As we went back out to the road to catch the bus we were pâssed by the bus going up and the bus driver stopped in the middle of the street rolled down the window and asked us "what in the world are you doing up here?" or something to that effect. We said we would take the bus on his way down. We did and we taught him. He said he had lost hope in believing in God because of all the confusion that is caused by religion these days. We assured him of our testimonies with the Book of Mormon. While I taught him, Elder Peterson started to teach thèse other bus representitives. IT was sweet!

Irena is doing great and has a baptismal date for the 21 of March. She is starting to really understand the importance of our message for her life. She has a 15 month old son who is super cute as well.... that is just a side note.

Martine is doing fantastic!! She came to Church this last week and the member who had given her the Book of Mormon all that time ago was there and they were basically glued together after that. I dont even think I got an opportunity to shake her hand she was so happy to see her long lost friend.

Miracles are everywhere.  The tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen because of their faith to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance. 1NE1:20. 

Let us be faithful unto the Lord

I love you

Elder Lewis

A Valentine's Day Party with the Branch

I love the Elder teaching the young kids how to tie a sweet!

A P-Day adventure with the District

We are calling this the Scary Road...those are trees growing up through a deep ravine in the road and a cliff to one side. The Missionaries were out scouting for apartments...because of the road and a bunch of young 19 year old drivers...they passed this apartment up!

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