Sunday, February 8, 2015

Letter Number 78..This week was sweet!

I was sent this quote today, what an exact description of what we believe our missionaries are doing while on their missions. They are testifying of the Savior's Love.

La vie est vraiment belle ces jours-ci, le soleil, les pieds, l'Evangile...

This week was sweet.

We Saw Martine, she is doing fanctastic, despite the opposition of friends and family coming a little bit from everywhere her testimony is growing under the pressure. It is really cool to talk with her because she will start a rant that is negitive and the Spirit comes in and changes her mind and she says something to the effect of "so pretty much i know this is true because i did pray last night, but ill tell you another day". She couldnt make it to Church this last week but she is comitted and willing to come next week.

Irena turns out is a best friend and work mate with the member that we randomly brought with us. We taught a powerful lesson and testified of the importance of baptism in the Church of Jesus Christ. Her ex boyfriend is trying to have custody of their child in  court, she knows that God will help her. She is preparing to be baptized.

A Young guy named Kenny who we met a while ago is starting to progress. He contacted us saying he wanted to get out of sin, stop smokeing and change his life so he could give it to God. We had a powerful lesson on the Book of Mormon.

 I think that there are just a lot of things that are going for Martinique. We had visitors that stopped by this island randomly at Church, one of them was the temple president and pattron of the Salt lake City Temple who was just released. There was a great reverance that emenated from him. it reminded me of a phrase in handbook 2 that says "true reverance comes from within each individual".


Je vous aime

Elder Lewis

Elder Lewis and Elder Petersen at the beginning of their 489 stairs set out for a night appointment!
I'd be lying if I said this doesn't make me a little nervous.

Beautiful moon over Martinique

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