Sunday, July 20, 2014

Letter Number 50! One year and 50 Blog Posts. Unbelievable!

My 50th posting of Jake's letters from "The West Indies French Speaking Mission."  It is really amazing to think that 12 months have come and gone.  I have cherished being the Mother of a missionary.  I have loved posting every blog.  While working on the posts, I have the opportunity to re-read his letters and many times I learn more about the gospel or about Jake as I quietly sit here and ponder on his words and his service.  Today the words pertaining to asking for help from Heavenly Father in prayer, and how we will be shown what gifts we need from our Father in Heaven.  His words were an answer to a trial I've been dealing with for a while, and I need to really ask for the spiritual gift to understand how to deal with my situation.  

I'm sure the next year will fly by...but on this beautiful Sabbath Morning I wish Jake were upstairs hanging out with his sister getting ready for church and that I could watch him devour his Sunday  Meal the way he always does...with Gusto. I love him and miss him, but I share him at this time with his Heavenly Father, and I pray that his service will touch the lives of those he comes in contact with.  That they can know the peace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I do.  For this reason,  all Mother's of Missionaries send their Children out for 18 to 24 months willingly.

So there is really no news. 

Sauf : except...,

 ( I looked this up for all of us. It means Except.  Jake writes like he thinks...that's all I can offer you.  He is highly intelligent, but writes as thoughts enter his brain. I love it, because I can imagine having a conversation with him.)


........and also 


But other than that there is really no  great news.. at zone conference we spoke about how through the stregthening power of the atonement (grace) we receive spiritual gifts that render us more godlike and purify us from sin. That was a great topîc and I learned a lot about how it is our job to ask our Heavenly Father to reveal to us what gifts we need, in discussing with him in prayer why we need them.  Then asking for, developing,  and receiving power beyond our own to help us through the trials of life.  It was super good.  We also talked about Godly sorrow and that was fantastic.  Watching our leaders teach through the power of the Holy Ghost  is always an incredible experience. 

In other news, our area is doing pretty good, still lots of walking but we have found some new people who have great out looks and are willing to read the Book of Mormon. That is the key, finding those who are willing to act on our message.  In reality it is only those who receive us and those who are prepared to come closer to God.  I find a lot of peace now and before my mission in knowing that the ressurection is real.  That Christ does live, and that through him we CAN become like he and his father.  I find an added bonus that we keep the family unit in the eternities. 

I love you all deeply,

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom

What is Martinique like compared to Guadeloupe?
Here in martinique it is more south so it is hot and humid.  Man i can sweat a lot,  it is pretty crazy. 

Can you believe Blake Hartley is leaving on his mission soon?
That is exciting about blake getting out on a mission it is alwas interesting  to see your friends go out. Liz leaves for Scotland in October and Morgan for Texas in September crazy sauce. 

Did you get the letters from the Activity Day Girls?
Yeah i did a long time ago i just forgot to tell you! thanks so much for that! what  a great time you must have  had.

The Four Man a video of this little exercise.  Might have to try it. ha ha 

Jake opening his Hump Day box....who would ever think a 19 year-old would be excited to receive shoe insoles.  His face says it all.  I love that smile. 

Basketball on P-day...Looks Hot!

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