Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Letter number 52!

What a week for my Missionary Son.  He is ready for this challenge, but has asked me to pray for him to NOT stress out with his calling as Zone Leader.  I hope he will have a great companionship with Elder Dayton as well.  They are both hard-working missionaries and I believe they will do well together.  

The Heat in Martinique seems to be epic...can you imagine walking for miles in the heat and humidity in a tie...a lot of endurance and patience are required to do that day after day.  Jake's Dad, served his mission in Puerto Rico and has told us so many stories of sweating bucket and I laugh to think that now Jake is experiencing that same type of situation.  

I have begun reading "The Infinite Atonement"  this is Jake's favorite book he's read since being on his mission.  I find it very intense, and may need to read it twice to fully comprehend it's meaning. I invite anyone who has the desire to join me.  

Please write hand-written letters to Jake if you can, and at least an email from time to time to show your support.  Thank you all for all you've done for my missionary Son.


TRANSFER WEEK! I love transfers it is like the most exciting week ever, you are all trying to figure out all of the calls and President always leaves around just enough information for us to pile together and make good guesses until he blows our mind with revelation. 

I've acctually had my transfer call since Zone Conference. It turns out I will be leaving Lamentin Martinique!  I have been transfered to Fort de France to be on foot with Elder Dayton!  As a  side note,  I have been called to be a Zone Leader.  I am way super excited out of my mind.  I think this could be some of my favorite transfers of my mission. 

As normal this last week we went out and worked hard,  really working on becoming "preach my gospel" missionaires, and just had a great week.  The sun becomes hotter and hotter,  and I believe that it will probably only become hotter till it explodes.  You would have said that my dad sweats more than me before my mission,  but I think the tides have changed and it is really myself who sweats more.  I think I sweat buckets, buckets, buckets..... but it is all good. 

The highlight of the week was the miricle member lesson that we had with the wife of the branch president.  We went to go teach "G" at the church and she was there because he was in a meeting.  We talked about callings and missionary work and priesthood blessings and he accepted to receive a blessing to help him stop smoking.  It was a killer lesson, and when he gets back from vacation in France he will definitely be baptized. 

I love you all and I hope that you are studying the gospel daily making it become a larger part of your life. There is only forward and backward,  I hope you have chosen the first of the two.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called by God, and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior of the world.  I love him very much,  and also his father, our Father..... who is only a prayer away.

God Speed,

Elder Lewis
Walking from one island to another at low cool.
Jake and Elder Bodily on P-day in Martinique

Just Chill'n in Paradise

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