Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Letter 51....Over the Hump!

This was one of those letters that started out breaking my heart and then filling it with joy.  Jake's understanding of this journey through life is so fulfilling.

It seems as though just yesterday I was doing this. 

The last five days have been probably some of the longest days of my mission.  We were really put to the test as everything fell through, all apointments, transportation, and energy. I dont think I have ever really understood what the pioneers felt like until this week.  It was blazing hot and because of the fact that things kept not working out never left us off our feet.  I  think I walked a couple of marathons....! 

But all is well, we had a sweet lesson with our investigator G, who is in the prosses of stopping smoking.  He was supposed to stop last Monday but he didnt quite make it.  Nevertheless, the Lord was merciful and gave us a wonderful lesson with him where we talked about coming unto Christ and being perfected in him. Because  that the true way to repent,  to improve and to draw closer to God.  As we come to Christ and put aside all sin,  his grace becomes sufficient for us and we may be perfected in him. 

Also,  after a bit of a long day I decided to do some imagery scripture reading.  Just really thinking about the situation and putting myself in their shoes.  I chose the famous D&C 121 and 122. As I started to read 121 I restared and imgined the terrible conditions of liberty jail..... cramped, wet, cold, no good food, sometimes poison, not just for days... but for months. Now if I was in there I think I would be in a very not agreeable mood. Very humbling that is for sure. But as I restarted I thought of the sorrow my sould would have in proclaiming "oh God where art thou? and where is thy pavillion which doth cover thine hiding place" ... what a soul wretching cry. Then after I imagined a pause, and the perfectly piercing voice of the Lord saying "my son, peace be unto thy soul" what a merciful father. Who would speak peace,  perfect instilling peace to his sons anguished soul.  I can only imagine the love that Joseph felt in that moment,  and as pure knowledge, revelation, flowed into his mind. 

The rest of the night there was a great spirit with me, and as I went to pray I  remebered to be thankful not for things but in things. 

I love you all, and i thank you for the support that you give me. 

Member from Guadeloupe 

Jake on the plane to Guadeloupe for Zone Conference

"Central Air" Caribbean Style

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